Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy Holidays!!!(Late)

Ahh sorry I've been sleeping, watching City Hunter, drinking tea, and hanging with family haha
Oh, and eating!!
Blogilates will be my best friend once school starts again =x

Hope yall hada good holidays though^^ I got the City Hunter Boxset, a pound of Teavana Chai tea, a yoga mat, and some other random mostly been procrastinating nad having no life past few days =D

Dyed my hair a dark brown and I really want it to go lighter, so I think I'll give an Ash Blonde a try and pray my hair doesn't turn out bad.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Pretty&Cute and ToFebruary Black Friday haul~

My order came in!! ^^
I ordered: MyBeautyDiary Chocolate Truffle face mask box, Fairy Drops BB Cream, Carry Me Lioele Mascara, and Tony Moly Blackhead Mask

MBD Face Mask(Chocolate Truffle 4.5/5
Pros: Makes my skin smooth, pores are much less noticable for days after, nice smell, very moisturizing, and makes skin tone look nice/glowy.
Cons: Mask size(guess my head is small or something)
Would I buy again?: Possibly. I wanna try different masks but I wouldn't mind coming back to this one

Fair Drops BB Cream 4/5
Texture: Creamy(watch out if you have veryvery dry skin though)
Coverage: Buildable medium. This is probably the best BB Cream for coverage I've tried so far
Pros: Good coverage/color/consistency, comes with sponge, good for pictures(no spf)
Cons: Pricey(full price is around $40), can be a little cakey if skin is not moisturized, small size for price, sponge is hard to clean imo (after first week gave up and use fingers now)
Would I buy again?: If it's on a really good sale maybe, but I'll probably keep trying new ones

Carry Me Lioele Mascara 4/5
Pros:Very pigmented, doesn't droop, coats full lash for length, good travel size
Cons: Flakey after 8 hours (but makes for easy removal)
I wish I bought a full-size Lioele mascara! haha
Would I buy again?: No

Tony Moly Blackhead Mask 3.5/5
The packaging is so cute!! And can't wait to try the little flower thing in the top
Pros: Nice mild exfoliant, good smell, works somewhat
Cons: Isn't a miracle worker for blackheads =\
Would I buy again?: No

I've been really excited to try all of these and it was only around $55 for it all (much cheaper than it normally is, and since I only buy this stuff twice a year, it was a good deal!)

Waiting for my sweater from ToFebruary to come in! Excited for it (it also was like 20% off - otherwise I wouldn't have gotton it. And $1 shipping? Good pricing to me)
Quality - Great, it's really warm!
Sizing - On me (5'4, 130lbs. Size S/sometimes M) - Average. It fits well but isn't a superduper good fit. I could wear it with just tights/leggings if I wanted because it does cover what needs to be, but I'm not comfortable with something that short so I wear jeans or leggings/see-
able shorts.
Cons: I personally really liked the giraffes, but my sister said it looked like the giraffes were doing something inappropriate -_-
Very happy with this order^^

Saturday, November 26, 2011

deFabulous Ginger Shampoo and Conditioner Review!

(This is the Shampoo^^)

Claims: Moisturizing, Cleansing(doesn't leave residue like some), Increase scalp blood flow,and be Laurel/Laureth Sulfate free(big plus!)

Pros: moisturizing, strengthening, seems to make hair grow faster(scientifically it can't, but it promotes going to your genetic max growth speed), interesting smell(in a good way - some may not like it), tingly feeling(I'm used to it now and it feels kinda cool, but some may not like it)

Con: Every now and then, I feel like it would leave the type of residue other shampoos can. Maybe I'm not rinsing it all out, or used hairspray that day? But it's just occasional

Overall, I'd say it's worth the 30$ I spent on it (15 for each bottle off Amazon). It lasts quite a while (I'm halfway through after 3 months). And this is coming from a girl who doesn't buy shirts over 10$(because you can find the same if not better in clearance =D)


Secret Garden drama review(Little Spoilage)

Hola yall(=

Thanksgiving Break means...another drama has been watched!! hahaha If I watched dramas during school, I'd get kicked out of any teams and fail all of my classes because they're too addicting T-T
(Spoilers are in white - highlight whole page if you want to see everything please!!^^)
Either way! Secret Garden turned out to be a very sweet, funny, sad, comedic, romantic, super sad and a happy ending!! I watched it just knowing it was really big about a year ago, and I now know why.

Genre:Romance w/ action,comedic relief

Firstly, let's introduce the 2 main characters: Ha Ji Won plays Gil Ra Im, a poor orphaned(at age 17) stuntwoman, and Hyun Bin plays Kim Joo Won,a rich president of one of the biggest department stores in Korea.
KJW has a hallyu-wave-star cousin Oska(playaa), a mom similar to BOF/HYD mom in the sense that she trys to rip the 2 lovebirds apart and disowns him,Yoon Seul(a director/Oska's ex that eventually they end up marrying<3 that has had arranged marriage meeting with KJW),Ji Hyun(his personal doctor and an ex) and Secretary Kim (he and Ah Young is sooooo cute!!).
Gil Ra Im has her action school crew(including Director Im the guy who gets left out in that love triangle - he gets together with KJW sister though so it all works out ;D), and Ah Young (her roomate and close friend).

After an accidental meeting and KJW realizing he's starting to fall for her(major stalking went on), they end up switching souls((whenever it rains before GRI Dad puts them back to normal))after drinking some homemade wine and experience each others life(honestly, while this was mostly hilarious,they did share some good moments and bad moments while switched, like in Ep. 18 T-T) and go through the hardships of fighting against KJW's mother, who has quite a bit of power. One gets deathly hurt,one is willing to die for the other, one has a tramatic incident years ago that ended up involving the other,and amnesia, - you should watch to see it all!

Overall, 9.5/10!
(It drags a little in the middle)

And the Special goes over the top 10 moments, superlatives, and many NG's along with some backstage interviewing. Really nice ^^

**Omo, Big Bang's parody is really funny!
**Plus, if you watch it with Viki, the comments are hilarious and let you know you're not the only one sitting on the computer all day laughing/crying/sitting to yourself haha

Side note: Hyun Bin is an AMAZING actor. I hope he's doing well in the military!! I'm now a fan of him haha, but seriously! When he and Ra Im were switched, it was almost like a light switch turned on and off in his head. His eyes looked different, and he really acted the part! Same with Ha Ji Won - kudos girl!! She's an amazing actress, the two of them together were able to successfully mimic each other and have great, believable on-screen chemistry.

So, hope everyone had a great Turkey day!! If you missed Black Friday, don't miss Cyber Monday!! Many online stores have discounts  right now still.
With that...I should go do my Spanish project, Japanese homework, and practice my Clarinet. Things I've been putting off (along with sleep) to watch SG =P

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Random things from Japan~

My mom recently went on a business trip there, and picked some things up for my sisters and I along with snacks =D
The Hello Kitty Tin had cookies in it with some creme in the middle - soo yummy<3  And lots of green tea flavored things - the Kit Kats are actually really good and the little Green Tea cake tastes are really good too!
I also really like getting random wrappers so I can practice reading haha

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

City Hunter DVD Boxset!! And Halloween <|=^)

City Hunter is getting a North American Boxset release in December!!!
I LOVEEE that drama!! And it comes out near christmas, haha you know what I'm gonna be asking for!!

And for Halloween I dressed up in a Panda Kigurumi, next year I think I migh do Minnie Mouse or something. Kigurumi wasn't too bad though,and it covers quite a bit more than most teenage girl costumes(might I say...).

1 week of Marching Band left!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WGM Khuntoria

Found time to finish the Khuntoria couple today T-T They were so sad, but it ended nicely. I kinda hope they're a couple in RL. But idk if both their companies even allow that =\
I'm not sure who's first, but they're definatly up there with the Adam and Sweet Potato couples<3

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Getting rid of stomach fat

I dunno about you guys, but my body seems to store fat around the stomach area -.-But I feel that once I did these 3 things, it really made a difference!!

1. Replacing sandwhich bread with lettuce
      Sound a little weird? But it works! I love sandwhichs and white bread - I could eat it plain! But once I started to get rid of it and wrap up cheese and chicken in lettuce vs. making a sandwhich, it still tasted yummy and takes off almost a 100/200 calories!

2. Drinking only water
     Depending on whether you're dieting intensly or changing an overall lifestyle (in which you can have a soda/alcholic beverage/juice/etc. every now and then imo), drinking only water really helps too.

3. Eating less processed foods.
    I tend to go with the "Simple and time-consuming" rule. Use as little as possible and take more than 5 minutes to make it (if it needs cooking.) This includes no sauces(unless needed), salt, etc.

And uh, while I try to aim for 1500 cal a day, esp. when I have practice it can go from 1300-2300 depending on afterschool food. I try to keep my meals balanced, but once a month I have an unintentional junk day

Life's about being the HEALTHY YOU, not SKINNY! Once I learned this it made me feel a whole ton better!! I saw this one girl who didn't look bad and was at what I wanted to be and she lost even MORE weight and weighs like 105! You could see her bones - now THAT is an indicator if I ever saw one that you can eat more. Not unhealthily. But more. If you're naturally a twig that won't happen.

Monday, August 22, 2011 contest!!/media/set/?set=a.160949607316834.39933.131389660272829&type=1

If anyone wants to vote for people (Like me, Kat! =D) You should check it out! The person with the most like will win 100$ for educational purposes. I'm sure everyone is wanting to win, so make sure you stop by the page, like it, and like your favorite photos!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Scott Lang: Professional mirror holder upper

Yesterday, as part of band council, we went to a leadership workshop by Scott Lang.

This man's an inspirational genius..but a major nut!

However you can learn a lot from this man, as he's good at what he does. He had me almost crying(he lost his twin brother to cancer, and since I'm a twin I can only imagine what that was like) then laughing the next minute. The guy's hilarious, but when he's serious is when you learned the most.
Here's what I get from my notes from his lecture yesterday:

~Three life principles only taught in band (by public school systems):
      1. The more you give the more you get; the more you GET the more you have to GIVE.

      2. Life is a WIN-WIN or a LOSE-LOSE. NOT a Win-Lose. If the best helped the worst, where would we be?

     3.Never give up. Not till it's okay. Not 'till it's good. Not 'till it's great. Until it's perfect. Then do it perfect again and again.

~ If you CAN, you MUST

~Never leave a trombone sectional unsupervised

~Go ALL the way. Put 100% effort into EVERYthing

~Don't judge/choose what's right or wrong for others. Do that for yourself. Make the best decision YOU can in that very moment.

~Our mind works in multiples of 3's,4's, and 7's. Ever wonder why your cell phone number is 000-0000? 3+4=7

~It's not WHAT you do, but HOW (Kinda like "It's not what you say but how you say it", etc.)

~It's how you start it. You can judge a 7 min show/performance on the first 7 seconds.

~The only one who can change you, is you

~In every group/room/class, there will be a person who does not want to be there. They're not bad people, just in the wrong place at the wrong time. As a leader, it's YOUR job to fix it.

~Marching Band student leaders aren't picked because they've shown leadership. They're picked because they knew how to follow directions faster and better. It's your job then, being totally unprepared as a leader, to get others to do the same - to be a follower as well as you are. To do so, you have to go that extra bit to maybe whisper "Don't move at set!" to the guy next to you, etc.

~Marching Band, in essence, is the dumbest thing anyone coulda invented. But it's the life skills you learn from it that make it valuable.

1 Litre of Tears (Drama + Special) Review

I have to say...when I read the reviews saying this was so sad,moving,beautiful,etc. I was kinda skeptical.

I shouldn't have been.

Plot(based on true story): Kitou Aya is your normal,bright, clumsy 15 year old girl starting her first year of high school when she suddenly is diagnosed with the incurable Spinocerebellar Degenerative disorder(This isn't a spoiler! This is probably one of the first sentences of the drama). She will lose  her motor skills(moving,talking,writing,trouble eating, etc.);however, while she looks like a disable to society her mind is still sharp, if not brighter, than most peoples.(How....cruel) In just the first year it progresses very fast. The drama goes through her thoughts as she is forced to give up things like love, being healthy, going out with friends, being bed-ridden, and purpose.

Special: It's a mix between a recap of the series/her life(a memoir?) and showing what happened to her family/Asou-kun. It's really nicely done as well. (Spoiler): You see a now high schooler Rika, Ako is a nurse for Asou-kun who's a nuerologist, and Hiroki you don't see but they tell you he became a cop in Ep.11.

Rating: 10/10. There's no reason not to watch it unless you really aren't in a sad mood.
Watch time: 2 days if you don't have to leave the house - 3 if you do. I kinda wanted to watch it as quick as possible because school starts in a week and being doomsday on the first day isn't gonna make me any friends haha (Not to say you shouldn't appreciate it! But you should appreciate it at appropraite times, it's made me so sensitive) She never believed she would die, it truly is a drama to learn from.

Pros: Makes you appreciate life, being healthy, is inspirational, wonderfully acted out,

Cons: Heartbreaking, Her last 5 years of life aren't really shown; then again, she couldn't write by then so her diary probably stopped as well.

Everyone should watch it. But make sure you have a few down days!! Good for reflective times like over the Summer or something

If anyone wants to read the true story if Aya, people have translated them on their blogs here:

Edit: I hadn't realized both are kinda incomplete...but this one is nicely organized and seems to be full!! There seems to be some different content on the 3, but this one is still quite detailed:
I don't know about you, but I'm off to watch the Heartstrings end(after the Special). I really hope it's happy, I'm in need of it T-T Honestly this is truly an amazing drama. It's terrible what happened to her, and this drama stuck close to the real thing (I think, I'm still reading it). Have tissues!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hard Candy: Lip Tattoo Review

The title rhymes!!
  Either way, since lipbalm is generally the extent of my lip makeup, and I had a little extra money I got one of these in "Petal"
  And I have to say, I really like it! It's a lip stain vs. gloss/stick which I prefer as it's not gooey and the color lasts better (imo). Aside from the color matching my skin very well/ not being overwhelming, how nicely it goes on, and how the consistency is very nice; it also has a breath freshening gloss! Personally I really like this because it's not an overpowering smell/feeling (a small tingle) but really does make your breath(not your actual breath, but when you talk it smells minty) smell fresh and isn't a bad gloss (not too gooey,etc.)

  You can use one side if you wanted, and it wouldn't even look weird.
And it was only 6 or 7 $.
For a person that wears minimal makeup day-to-day, this really isn't a bad deal. d(^-^)b

An for the animal activists out there, it's not tested on animals!(=

Sunday, August 7, 2011

OOTD + EOS at Walmart!

Wal-Mart had a 7$ dress the other day, and while this is pretty girly compared to what I normally wear, I liked it haha

50$ to go to a new camera!

Heartstrings is gettin so sweet<3

I found EOS lipbalm at WalMart! I don't know if it's me, but I've never been able to find it except online. So it was really nice to find it for like $3 at WalMart by the checkout haha I have t osay, I like the awkward little shape and mines completly organic, and really makes my lips look and feel good.

RIP<3 I'm at the point where I don't cry when I hear about it anymore, but any deep thinking into it might just set me off. I need to take a broader approach to it, instead of spiraling into a she died too young mindset.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

City Hunter Review : In Progress

End Spoiler:
Why did Kim Young Joo have to die? T-T And was it a dream at the end or is he alvive and htey both happy? I really hope so. He deserves to. After his fake father is shot in front of him, his real father not allowed to do anything, the love of his life right there...he was shot in the chest in everything. BAWLINGGGG!!.
Edit : Soompi said it wasn' a dream. Imma just go with that!

Ending: Yoon Sung loses JinPyo/FakeDad and iI believe dies with respect for him as he said he was city hunter; thus saving Yoon Sung. He and Nana share this moment where they see each other and stare lovingly at each other, and next we see him driving. Is this a scene into a new series? I really hope so!! I don't know what else it would be.
Oh! And his mom and Ahjussi leave for the US and her co-workers get married(they're so cute lol). And she lets her dad die.

City Hunter is an action drama with, of course, a little romance and comidical characters.

Plot: Lee Yoon Sung is stolen as a baby and riased by the sole survivor of a disasterous military mission to one day take revenge on 5 politicians.

Overview: 10/10
     Why: LEEMINHOANDPARKMINYOUNG are amazing actors. No, they really are. It could've been totally different if there wasn't the level of great acting shown in this drama.
Reccomandation: I'd watch it if you like action(so many dang explosives), romance(there's definitly enough in here), or suspense. And it does all this while having the side characters which add some comic relief; yet will add to the suspense parts. There's so many unexpected twists and turns as well. Definitly keeps you on your edge!

Watch time: Since it's ended, You could probably go through the 20 episodes in less than a week no problem. It's very addicting.

I'll do a nice, more in depth one with pics and errthing when I get time ^-^

Sunday, July 24, 2011

R.I.P. Amy Winehouse

Even if you didn't agree with her personal life, she still had undeniable talent in singing and can teach everyone a lesson in one way or another. R.I.P.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Versatile Fashion Basics: Shoes

Hi(= Hope you've had a good day!

This is for all the people that don't like the idea of owning 50 different pairs of shoes. I mean, of course it'd be nice ^^ But, if you don't have the room nor money, these are my personal tips I've picked up through the years (Well...condsidering I'm pretty young that's not saying much..but!).
     The basics: 2 pairs of flip flops, 1(or 2) pair of sneakers, 1 pair of flats and 1 pair of boots. 

   -Flip Flops:
          One pair should be from the dollar-spot at Target, or an Old Navy (around 5-10$) pair for going to the pool, beach, etc.
    The other pair should be more dressy . (The ones pictured dress up any outfit really, and were about $15 Earthspirits from Wal-mart. Earthspirits) I tend to look for simple yet defined ones, with neutral colors so they match most things. Braided material, a flower, multiple straps are things to look out for.

     WHAT TO AVOID: While some people can pull off those metallic sandals well, other people need to be careful when choosing and go with what matches their skin tone. Try on gold/copper/silver versions of shoes and see which matches best, and beware of ones that make your feet look red! 

   - Sneakers:
          You can easily bump this up to 2 if you want an athletic pair and a fashion pair.
     For the athletic pair, every year or two (depending on activity level) you should check out Target. Honestly I go there and get the pretty ones that are on sale. Nike and/or Prospirit has some good woman ones there, and try to get one that's a gray and if you want have pink/purple/blue/etc. accents.White ones can get dirty really fast and black shows mud really easily.
   For fashion ones, there are a few different brands depending on your style:
         Vans are pretty popular among Skaters/Alternative/people looking for some edge. Mine are similiar to the ones in the picture, except they're and have more black.
        Converses will never go out of style, going with the classic black would match everything. Or getting a nice bold color like red or yellow is always nice for a pop of color to an outfit. There are plenty of knockoffs at places like Kmart if you don't wanna pay full price.

   You can't go wrong with a nice neutral cream,gray,or black pair of flats as they'd match most things and can look classier with skirts, etc.
       WHAT TO AVOID: -Cheaply made ones. -Light-colored fabric ones(as they'll dirty very fast).

   While the Ugg style is still in and garnering many knockoffs, there are other options haha. Military boots are great for people who want to add edge to their look, Uggs are great for students/young people because they keep you warm when walking around campus and look good with hoodies, and knee-high ones are (generally)worn by fashion-forward people.

High heels are totally up to you~

(*I do not own any of the images - all were gotton from 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Park Shin Hye "Heart Strings" Fashion Style

Hey yall!! I decided to start watching Heartstrings, mostly 'cause I'm waiting for City Hunter and band camp hasn't started yet...but that's besides the point =P

Heartstrings is turning out better than my expectations. It's not deadly-drama-addicting;however, it's nice to kill an hour here and there with.(imo) (and, Park Shin Hye is one of my favorite actresses, + Jung Yonghwa's singing is very good quality)

And there's something distinct about Gyu Wons fashion sense, I'd say. There's 3 main style ideas I've noticed:
1.Long,flowy skirt with an equally flowy/loose/comfortable shirt

2. Blouse tucked into mid-thigh waist skirt
3. "Overall" style. She's worn actual overalls and also something like a spaghetti strap over a t-shrit.

(Sorry about bad quality images, it's so hard to get any good screen caps >.< )
And her bags I'd say are a big part/key point of her outfits. (Soompi has a post on 2 of her backpacks here: ). The colors coordinate well with her outfits all the time, so jellyy

In a few words, it's a comfortable style with complimenting, and-ties-it-all-together bags and shoes. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of some of her skirts;however, it works haha

Also, Happy Birthday Mom!!! I<3you!!

Btw, nice drama^^ Not as emotionally pulling/intense as some are, but it's nice

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kim Nana City Hunter Makeup

*Bad lighting, and I look so young T-T Well, I am young but I shouldn't have that big a baby face.
**Note, I realize I'm not asian, and Park Min Young/Kim Nana is. I appreciate the culture and the style, and wanted to try to see how she achieved her makeup(which is actually pretty common(natural makeup), but of course with little tweaks here and there.).
Is anyone else on the City Hunter wagon? I don't even care this time about hopping onto the popular drama band wagon, it's so good!!(And Lee MinHo!!!<3)

Here's how I'd do the makeup if I was Kim Nana:

1. Her skin is very milky and smooth. I used my BB cream, others may want foundation/concealer,etc.

Just "perfect" your skin.
2.Groom eyebrows.

Hers aren't filled in really, but feel free too. You can't really tell if it's the cameras doing or if they didn't fill hers in, but hers don't appear too heavy. However, they are more straight (vs. arched) which gives her young-looking face an even younger appearence. They're also thicker, and you can probably get away with using just a gel on them if yours are naturally shaped like hers. Otherwise, make them straighter, (lightly!) thicker, and gel them.

3. Waterlines

Use a dark brown eyeshadow on your lower and upper waterlines (not a whole ton!!).

Brown pencil would work too.

4.Brown liquid liner.

Starting from the outer third of your eyelid, make a thin line extending a little bit past your eye.


Naturally, my eyelashes are thick, so I curled them and used a clear gel since hers aren't huge and dramatic. However, if they're sparse/thin/verylight, then go ahead and use your mascara
6.CheeksUse a very light peachy color^-^

7.LipsExcept for when she got shot in the shoulder, her lips are a healthy red/pink. A lip stain would be recommended here! I have a covergirl one I use, but I think it's too dark so I put a little bb cream and mixed it onto my lips and it worked.

Tada!! The purpose of an inspired look is to take the look and make it so you would wear it. Imo. You're not trying to look exactly like the original.

Skin and Hair

My skin has been sooo nice lately (save for the Summer freckles >.>) and my hair is finally growing out the layers from last May (the shortest were around my ear while longest were a little past my collar bone)

And I'd say there's some main causes to this(:

1. Excercise. Legit, when I started Insanity my hair was growing a little more. I stopped for about a month, went to the beach, and started excercising again (with Insanity) and there's a definite change in my hair length.

Besides building muscle and making a healthier you, when I excercise in the morning my skin is very soft,supple,even for most of the day because the steam/sweat cleaned all the pores. and it's only 6/7 days a week ;D

There are things floating around that tell you to stand on your stand for 30 seconds a day, etc. etc, and with Insanity that's all incorporated into atleast the stretching. Yall should check it out (=

2. Water. Lol sorry if you're tired of hearing about this now, but really if you drink your (atleast) 8 glasses of water a day and use this as a cleanser in the morning, you're set.

3. Ponds Cold Cream. This stuff is amazing! haha I only use at night when I wore makeup that day, because it removes the makeup like no ones business.!

4. Not a ton of chemicals. While going totally chemical free would be ideal, makeup is fun to wear and frankly I think my water is treated with too much to really be effective for the Caveman Method. To use as little as possible would be the next ideal.

Morning: Water (cleanser), BB Cream/Suncreen
Night: Ponds Cold Cream, Homemade exfoliater or St. Ives Green Tea, Lemon or chilled Green Tea as toner, and Olive Oil as moisturizer(I don't really use O.Oil when I use Ponds, it's moisturizing enough).

5. Eating healthy really does wonders, and hair growth/good skin has just come naturally with it.

6.(Opt.) A good hair mask never hurt, and I really like Organix Coconut Milk. It smells so good, is sulfate/formaldahyde free and make my hair really soft!

7. As little altering to it's natural state as possible. Could probably be said simpler but iono how haha. Basically, use as little heat and supplies as possible. While hair masks can be a good thing (and face masks) bad quality or toxic ones (obv) can really be counterproductive/buildup stuff on your scalp. Which isn't what you want =\ Your body is made to be self-sustainable, and while pollution and cultural diet can mess that up, it's still mainly self sustainable. This can include shampooing/conditiong as little as possible as well. The longer the better, though I generally shampoo 5x a week still.

Some people have tons of beauty supplies lined up, but I really just need maybe a box and I'm set. ^-^ And I plan on getting deFabulous Ginger Shampoo and Conditioner, as well as ordering from soon. Once I reach a certain goal with my weight, I "reward" myself with these so it's the world's delicious food that's stoppping me haha

Blogger >=|

Logs me out everytime I leave my dash, and won't let me comment on anything/anywhere

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Whiter Teeth! And sea salt?

Hey yall(=

My teeth naturally came in....yellowish =\ After a recent dentist trip, they recommended I use Crest whitening strips because they really do work. Being the cheap family, we went out and bought the Target version "Up&Up advanced whitening strips" haha

(^^^Look like this but in a white box.)
Review: 4/5

Pros: Good price (15$ for 7 top&bottom trays), whitened, good size, conformed to teeth (most of the time), does what it says it will do!, and a few weeks later, while the brighteness faded a little bit, they're still white

Cons: Sometimes would slide around, and can be a little uncomfortable. Can sting gum if not applied properly (it doesn't hurt but it's not comfortable really either)

Recommended b(^-^)d


For the Fourth, I was at the beach (spent a week there) and after being in the ocean, my skin was really nice. I noticed my pores were smaller and clearer on my nose.
Might be adding Sea Salt to my cleansing regimen ;D

Be happy, healthy, and safe!(=

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hana Yori Dango 1,2,Special,Final (Spoilage!)

I was weary to watch it at first cause if you've ever heard of dramas before, there's no doubt you've heard of it. I was way to quick to judge though, it's amazingg!! The Special wasn't loading so I watched the Movie first, even though it's supposed to be 1,2,Special,Movie.

Category: Comedical Romance. Romance being the noun and comical being an adjective.

It has good acting, romance, some comedy, eye candy, good plot and something captivating about it. However, it's unrealistic in some aspects and slow at times. Both work with the drama, as it's based off the drama and can add suspense, overall very well done!

Time: Less than a week. It's addicting!!

Not at the "You're Beautiful" level, but very close to.

MAIN plot of Seasons:

Makino, a poor "commoner", and Domyouji, heir to one of biggest corporation in Japan and leader of F4, fall in love and go through MANY, living-up-to-the-drama-categorization moments that test this true bond.


Wow. I'm really gonna miss this series, they all grew up. It's like a girls dream at the end. After hardships, they truly do love each other and have a happy ever after. HOWEVER, not with the "stereotypical" man. He just had to mature =P Ahhhh it was so sweetttt<3 It's not about being perfect, it was about true love and accepting each other<3


It's really just a nice recap of the seasons, and the last 10/15 minutes is Domyouji performing with Arashi and the "F4" and Makino joining them on stage and reflecting on the premeire of the movie, which was the day after the Special. It's a great idea cause now after 6 months or whenever you wanna rewatch the series, if you don't have time to you can watch this and the movie and really feel it all over again, Of course it's not EVERYTHING, but it's a nice recap^-^ I've also fallen in love with Matsumoto Jun lol, and Arashi. I had liked them before, but now he might be challenging Taecyeon(2pm), Jang Geun Suk, and Matsudo Shota =P

It's not overrated like I had thought, it has a lot of my favorite actors (Matsudo Shota - Soujiroh of F4. Toda Erika made an appearence. Oguri Shun - Rui of F4 and the guy left out of main girls love triangle. Matsumoto Jun(Arashi) - Domyouji, leader of F4 and guy who ends up marrying main girl) and introduced me to very good new ones (Inoue Mao - Makino, main character) and the person who played Yuki. For some reason, I couldn't get myself to like the actor who played Akira.

I'd reccomend this ^-^ Be warned, there are times when you'll want to throw away your moniter because Makino or Domyouji don't communicate haha. Or if you become a RuixMakino fan, then that'd stink too. Lol really, just go watch it

Watch it!! It's so sweet, and the actors do a great job of "growing up".

Sunday, June 12, 2011

"Burned" by Ellen Hopkins

100th post!

Either way, this book was amazing.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer 2011!

Passed all my finals with A's(=
And had a Marching Band meeting today, but other than that it's SUMMER!!!(=

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Animazement 2011

It was soo much fun, got to get back in touch with my true nerdiness(= haha

Spent a ton of time lurking in the game room 'till a creeper man wnated to play with me O.O I'm sure he's a harmless little old goober, but it's one of those moments where your moms voice echoes in your head warning you about people.

I was Bou (Merrymaking) for half of Saturday - then put on my Hello Kitty hat haha

And today I got a more elaborate hat I would surely mess up if I DIY'd it haha - it's a Digimon!

Didn't get to go to the Rave though everyone said it was a ton of fun, oh well who needs that
Ahh My friend and I did the David Choi awkward dance in a breakdancing circle.

Big Link and Little Link hahaha it was such a cute cosplay idea

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Yummy Cookies?

I was at Target the other day and was looking for food to keep in my purse (I never go hungry B) and found Hello Panda! Chocolate cookies in the dollar section

They're sooo good.! I don't even know why! haha and aren't too bad on the calorie scale

Friday, May 20, 2011

The world ends...again?

Hehe apparently tomorrow the world will end with an earthquake at 6pm.

Well, it's judgment day tech., so sinners will be killed of in a span of 5 months. But then something about an earthquake...

I have to say, this time people have gotton creative about it.

Wish everyone the best of luck! I'll be partying (contrary to normal haha, I'm normally sitting on tumblr, watching dramas, covering dances or something of the sort) so atleast I'm going down happy. hope yall do too.!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mississippi River flooding and effects of it

Hey yalll, if you don't know, our Mississippi river is flooding. Levee (man made(normally) walls that keep out the river) have been dropped in order to let the river flow into it's flood plains - all over Missouri and the rest of Americas "Bread basket"

So how does this affect us?
-Aside from people losing housing,(btw, I hope everyone is safe and grabbed their needed materials), the farmland has been flooded. If that doesn't raise alarm, then hopefully this will - nearly 50% of our food from there is gone.

We can predict that this will cause an increase in food prices. Espiecially grains, from what I understand.

I've been told to stock up- with scientific proof backing up that much farmland has been lost. So food prices going up is a sensible prediction.

With gas prices sky high as well, I'd reccomend stocking up on your SPAM, canned foods and lucky charms!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Insanity Workout Review Week 4

I'm in my fourth week of Insanity, and, it really is insane.!

I've been putting 60-70% of my effort into the routines most days, but I'm still getting results. I'm quite happy with them - I've definitly gained muscle, lost fat. I'm prob 60% to my goal ^-^

And for my diet, I haven't been following his nutrition guide. I've been aiming for 1500 cal a day (meaning I eat 1600-1800 4xdays of the week probably) and eating what I normally do. Note, I don't drink much soda and I have some form of chocolate everyday (Idon't know how or why, I just do) and eat potatoes/white bread, etc.

I still weigh 130, but my body is significantly more toned. Can't wait until I'm actually done with Insanity ^-^ I'll either try hip hop abs or find some yoga program or start getting really into coverin dances.

Shaun T. has really good programs!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Liar Game Drama (Seasons 1&2 + Movie) ~a little spoilage~

(^^^From the movie, fiaeuhgssrth^-^)
Was. So. Good.!


The main plot of it is Nao Kanzaki(Toda Erika), who is often called "stupidly honest" and never doubts anyone. gets sucked into the "Liar Game" which purpose is to draw out human greed. Of course this calls for lying and being lied to, and once she realizes she can't back out and can't win this on her own, she calls the help of Akiyama Shinichi (Matsuda Shou) to help her get out of the game, once he joins as well they share the goal of eventually taking it out for good.


It had good twists, comdey, implied romance(never a main focus but still there - nicely done.! Although they soooo cute ^-^), and while it's a pscyological thriller, they dumb it down for everyone who doesn't get it.


It took about 2 weeks to get through it all, even though there's only 20 episodes and a movie, because of school. But it's one of those ones you watch where you wanna see it, but it's not so addicting you fail out of your classes in that week (haha if that makes sense)

Good actors, lighting was a bit dark but I'm getting used to this for japanese dramas(most of the ones I've watched have all had darker lighting - like Nobuta wo Produce,etc.), and good plot line. Also offers a nice theory to think about - how far human greed will really go and how to change it.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Bin Laden's dead

What's gonna happen now?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

When life sucks...

As of late, or maybe it's just because of the age I am and the Highschool enviorment, peoples lifes seem to suck..

way. too. often.

So what do you do when you're down in the dumps?

1. Decide.

-Is it really worth getting and staying mad at your friend for spilling lunch on your notes? Yea it's buttfacish to not offer to copy hers for you or find anonther solution, but simply forgive,forget and in some cases say adios.!!=) to that person =D

2.Get mad sad whatever for a good 15 minutes -

Then the trick is to end your pity party and start finding a way to fix it and move on. Granted, some things will obviously need more than 15 minutes (death, breakups) but for day to day basis, being grumpy all the time is no fun >.<

3. Fix problem and or move on.!

-Easier said than done, but generally things can't be changed so relishing in the past will do no good except waste precious life

4.Consider turning into a brighter person in general -

Optimism is a god send in daily life. really

Hope you laugh at the poorly written article. xD A school topic got me intrested so this is a rough draft; will hopefully come in and edit later

Saturday, April 9, 2011

PrettyandCute haul~

I lovee this site, just saying:

I got: The Oriental Skin 79 Gold BB Cream, Tofu Mask, Epi Facial Hair remover, Fringe clips,88 pallette Eyeshadow, and recieved a Gel Eyeliner for free and a Lioele Shimmering Base sample for free too =-D

88-Color Shadow Palette Shimmer


It's nicely pigmented, has a great color option, comes with applicators and a protective sheet. I paid around $20 for this, it's totally worth it. I don't wear eyeshadow everyday but for a low price it's very good quality and varied. I'd repurchase ^-^

Fringe Bow Clips


Verryy cute; however, I find they don't hold my hair back for longer than 5 minutes. Good for running to school in and you need to put on a tiny bit of makeup, but wouldn't reccomend for a long time use. They were $1.50 for 2 and came in really nice packaging ^-^ I probably won't get more though - but I won't be throwing these out.

Epi Magic Hair Remover


Claims to be painless...but it still hurts a lot for me (esp. aorund lip area). I knew to expect some pain, or may I jut have a low pain tolerance but it hurts more than Biore Pore Strips T-T. However, it does remove hair and is easily portable.

If I had to wax or use this to get rid of hair, I'd probably use this. Waxing hurts a ton once, while this is the opposite, this doesn't leave your face red and is more convieniant.

The Oriental Skin 79 Gold BB Cream


I Love this stuff. It has a unique,probably more sanitary way of releasing product (a push down top) and has slightly better coverage than Missha Perfect BB Cream.

Claims: Whitening/Wrinkle Improvement. UV Interception spf25 PA++. Brighter and firmer skin

Real: It certainly hasn't been damaging my skin. It covers dark circles and redness almost completly and is great for daily wear. I've noticed my blackheads not being as noticeable after switching to this. Whether it's covering them better, diminishing them, or not clogging my pores as much as Missha was, it's a plus. Also, SPF!! It comes with a nice lip balm that gives that baby pink affect that can be doubled as a subtle cream blusher. Nicely moisturizing and blends well. Will definitly be switching to this as my regular BB cream for a while d(^-^)b

Ingredients(So nicely listed in Korean and English): Water, Titanium Dioxide, Butylene Glycol, Cyclopentasioxane, Butylene Glycol Dicaprylate, Zinc Oxide, Dimethicone, Diphenylsiloxy Phenyl Trimethicone, Cetyl PEG/PPG-10/1 Dimethicone, Hydrogenated Polydecene, Sodium Chloride, Arbutin, Polyglycerol-4 Isostearate, Hexyl Laurate, Sorbitan Isosterate, C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, Glycerin, Sodium Hyalaurante, Mica, Cyclohexasiloxane, Talc, Ozokerite, Sorbitan Olivate, Disteardimonium Hectorite, Cl 77492, Proplyene Carbonate, Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Aluminum Hydroxide, Zinc Stearate, Stearic acide, Beeswax,Dimethicone Copolymer, and a ton of other stuff that takes forever to list

Friday, April 8, 2011

Ayabie - Garasu saiku no ohanashi English lyrics

I'm not even sure when this is from, but it's about as beautiful as Mefish no uta (lyrics and music.)

Ayabie- Garasi saiku no ohanashi English translation

"We are changing little by little, as the seasons come and go

You act kindly with me as usual but,

It's sad ... It's as if we have pressed the wrong button

Enlarging the distance between the world you live in and mine

You left me behind, and continue to change

And it exhausts me to become this burden

Is there anyone else who is "all for you" ?

I think I remember how you were absorbed in you(?) ...

Since then, we haven't been able to see anymore (?)

There was something I wanted to tell you

But I have lost my voice now

As I draw your silhouette on glass,I miss your face

If I pass the thousand nights, I surely reach you

When I close my eyes, on the back of my eyelids I see you smile

The fragments of glass fall faster, the wind that accelerates

With you, I saw a blue spring

You were my everything in this world, really ...

I wanted to stay at your side forever

Since I met you, my days have become glittering

And I want you to be as scintillating as this glowing glass "

Late Pact


For all those people that have classes on opposite sides of campus and 5 minutes to get there, don’t you feel like there’s this mutual agreement of “hedge we’re both screwed (after the minute/tardy/warning bell rings) sorry hope you make it in time”?

Like, the bell starts to ring and you look at the closest person next to you , both of your eyes bug out and you start running like the devils behind you haha

and if you run into someone, a simple shake of your hand excuses everything

and you try to help each other by like holding the door for an extra second because you feel their pain.

Just me? Oh well, I still feel like that type of feeling is there

Thursday, April 7, 2011

2NE1 "Can't Nobody" English version and Another Magnitude 7 Quake in Japan

2NE1 has their English version for Can't Nobody out =DD

Catchyy =D And you can listen to it without your friends shaking their heads

Also, about 5 hours ago, another magnitude 7 earthquake hit Japan. I really hope a tsunami doesn't happen again - which was the most disastorious piece of the last earthquake.


Friday, April 1, 2011

Girl Code when sharing a room

Last weekend, if you follow my tumblr you'll know, I went to DC on a band tripp =D

Of course though, this means 4 people of the same gender share a hotel room with 2 beds (and if you're a highschool guy, you're too not smart to share a bed 'cause it's "gay", smh ).

This also means you'll be changing in front of each other (different corners of the room, and whether this is acceptable depends on comfortability levels with the other people)

However, there are some rules:


2.) If you're chaperoning, and in a towel - pleasepleaseplease don't invite the student in and tell them to wait a few minutes. please, it's really awkward for the student

3.)Yo stuff don't go anywhere you want it. Claim different corner - and that is your "crap corner"; or atleast warn people in advance.

4.) Yall are a unit. don't wake up 5 minutes before breakfast, go oh snap! and not wake everybody else up. that's just rude

5.)Don't be too high mateniencefor the trip, I'm glad your hair looks nice but you don't need an hour in the bathroom when people need to shower (and it's like 1am) and you don't need to wake people up that have gotton 5 hours of sleep to the sound of your hairspray. please..Sleep isn't thought of in most school trips; it'd be appreciated to be as low key as possible.

6.)Rotate shower turns. Try splitting morning/night showers and orders in which you go. this will induce much less arguing.

7.) On the last day if you see something that isn't yours in the room, but you think itmight be somebody elses- DONT LEAVE IT THERE. Bring it and ask; geesh.

8.) Lastly, what is told in the hotel room stays in the Hotel room. which sounds slightly dirty, but you know what I mean hahaha

You are a family for however long you are rooming together - soo please.!

Idk how many of yall have to share rooms with siblings; but same rules -_-

Haha, if some college kids ever come across this I'm prob. gonna get called that "weirdd highschooler". oh well, no one reads this anywayy

Peace.! Off to Guard nationals.! Hope we make finals!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Japan Earthquake

Sorry this is a week after the fact the huge initial earthquake/tsunami hit Japan

(assuming everyone knows what went down) Many are still out of contact with loved ones, there's still the Nuclear powerplant danger, many are dead floating in the water, many are still experiencing aftershocks. However, some are rejoicing as they hear a familiar voice say they're alive and waiting for the next flight home in a week or two.

Regardless, we still need to get the word around and donate if you can!!
I myself have donated 20$!

Easy Ways to:
Text redcross to 90999

and Japan to 80888 for Salvation Army!

Each will donate 10$

All I can do is edit pics of my converses for now; hope everyone is well!! I'm really glad all my friends families there are okay, but I'm still praying fo the ones that aren't

Monday, March 7, 2011

Movie Date Rant

So tht cute guy in your first block has the courage to ask you out. Kudoss! (Even though you may or maynot be a possible introvert and have to gently let him go because you don't click, then feel really bad 'cause he's actually a decent guy) You sit down in the movie theater, it's all nice and dandy. About 5 minutes in you'll encounter something every American movie has; makeout/nude scenes. I mean really? There's normally no relation to the plot with these scenes; in a personal opinion it's a chance for a director to keep the male audience intrested. So you awkwardly look around real quick while your dates sitting there diong the same. Then a bomb explodes and you're back to your normal movie watching state. The "Unknown" was a good movie =D With an actual plot!! That was unexpected and cool Time to catch up on WGM and start Pokemon Black todayy; darn school that's 7-7 -.-

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dream High


Plot: 6 singers trying to make their way into stardom. All attend Kirin Arts School.

Go Hye Mi (Miss A Suzy - she's beautiful!! She is NOT fat people =.=)
Jin Guk( 2PM Taecyeon - he's gorgeous.):
Kim Pil Suk (IU - I love her voice!):
Jason (2PM Wooyoung - his face looks so pinchable!)
Baek Hee (T-ara Eunjung - imo, I liked her acting a ton, esp. compared to some of the other idols.) :
Sam Dong (Kim Soo Hyun -dudee he's cute):


-There's a love triangle between Hye Mi, Jin Guk and Sam Dong. HM and JG cut it the last episode and i'm pretty sure ends with SD and her. Originally, they set it up for me to emotionally appreciate JG and her more; but she and SD workout nicely =D
-There's apparently one between Jin Guk, Hye Mi, and Baek Hee. They didn't show too much of it though; it was more supressed and not much screen time for BH and JG.
- Pil Suk and Jason =D <3 THEMM!! Apparently, IU and Wooyoung went on two dates unrelated to Dream High as well. oooohh ;D

^^Definitly enough to keep intrest! And well written and portrayed. Suzy's acting grew so much throughout the drama.

I lack good review writing experience without delving into a word-for-word conversation and fangirling about it, so

Go Hye Mi and Baek Hee are best friends (BH follows GHM around and thinks nothing of it - ordered around. Not really friends, GHM doesn't open up emotionally.) that end up auditioning together for the renowned Kirin Arts School (GHM despises this school but is her only option to pay off her family debt.) Originally only BH is accepted (surprise!) but GHM eventually makes it in too. Jin Guk is just your BA nice guy who ends up making friends with both, I always had the impression he liked GHM more.

While BH (unsurpisingly due to GHM cold nature) loses her best friend, and has the main crowds approval. On the opposite end of the spectrum, GHM is socially outcast and discriminated against. JG becomes one of her few friends with Sam Dong (The only reason GHM was allowed in was if she convinced JG and SD to come to it too).

Throughout the drama there's many conflicts, romances, and typical highschool things (without turning High School Musical-like) and in the end all is well =)

The end may surprise you, cause I know it surprised me! haha

Will write more later; practice now!!Winterguard

Sunday, February 20, 2011


About 2 minutes ago I finished the book "By the time you read this, I'll be dead" by Julie Anne Peters.

I can't figure out the end, but the book starts with Daelyn, who's curently mute after her most recent suicide attempt has about 30 days till she'll be "succesful". And the book ends in a dual meaning. D= It's really sad

Why would she want to kill herself?


She's always been the fat weird kid.

She knows there's people there, but you can't trust them.

They always wll try the same thing.

You're different, meaning you've given them permission to do anything to you.

They're above you.

And this book brought back memories from Elementary school and part of middle school. Yea, I was that fat weird kid haha

It's kinda scary because when she's describing some of the sadness of being betrayed and lost, I can remember those feelings.

The thing is, only YOU can save yourself when you're at your lowest.

I'm glad I did though. It takes work though.

I'm only in highschool so lord knows all those social things, but I've found friends.

Not call-at-4-am-omg-he-just-dumped-me friends, but good friends that are fun to hang around with.

Which is all you can ask for for now.

I workout, I'm pretty (whetherr you think I am or not),

I try to be kind because everyone deserves someone to be there for them.

Trust no one love everyone

is my current motto.

Of course, there's exceptions =P But main gist for the general crowd.

Love everyone. Be grateful for everything. You are blessed(= I love life =D DONT. LET. BULLYING. GET. YOU. THEY. SHOULD. NEVER.CONTROL.YOU. Peace.!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Egypt freedom!

Mubarak resigned from power!!
Old news I know, but still this is great for the Egyptians, and it was mostly non violent =D

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day!

IT's Valentines Day!! Spread the love!!
And remember, it's just a consumers America holiday ;D
Today's been good so far!
Did a festive makeup look - post later

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lady Gaga outdid herself again

I didn't watch the Grammys, but of course there were tons of "fashion do's and don'ts" arising from it already.

And, Yahoo! made sure to let everyone know of how Lady Gaga walked in. It ws rather eggcellent, yea? hahaha

Friday, January 28, 2011

Victoria f(x) bangs? and Tumblr

Got a tumblr!
And my twitter

It'd be so weird if anyone found all this from school

Either way, after watching WGM Khuntoria, I really liked how Victoria put her bangs back because I've been needing something for days when I wake up and they're totally out of line. So

I didn't realize all you needed to do was twist !! It looks better on her I think, but hey.

All A's last sem. =)

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Pray like there ain't no tommorow!
Is 2012 true?
Is it gonna be like "The Day After Tommorow"?

Animals have been dying in masses (add 200 cows to various types of birds, fish and crabs). And possibly a superstorm in California dumping 10 feet of water in a span of 40 days, causing destruction bigger than a San Andreas earthquake? D=

Intresting to contemplate, no?

Lazy dayy, got an A on my Music exam but no clue what it is, and no clue about Health yet either

Last night hung out with some firned I haven't sen in 6 months =-D
Saw Green Hornet then went to dinner,I miss them!! Haha and Green Hornet was a total dude movie, but Jay Chou 8D
Spinners has yummy milkshakes(= <3

Sunday, January 9, 2011


^Bahaha the title sounds like the beggining of a motivational passionate novella post.
But nope!

I've started watching WGM the Adam couple (after liking YongSeo and Adam's gonna be over in about a week) and they. are. hilarious!!
They're the comic relief couple xD I couldn't put up with the nagging though - too much like my Dad, sorry Jo Kwon!! Yall cute though[=
It's episode 5 and I already love them haha

Yongseo is the really sweet/cute couple of the show, I'm sure the comic relief/cute/sweet couple theory will be proven for the Adam couple, and I'll have to watch Khuntoria later.

Of course though, when they were making a joke to Jinwoon about studying (I didn't know he was that young! Aww he's so cute!! And not too much older ;D lol just kidding) I forgot that even though I got some state-given tests last week, I have more this week and FINALS! noo!!

My classes aren't hard, but it's just going through my inch-think pile of homeowrk, and my 2-inch pile of notes! Nooo!! I have less than 12 hours! And I have to practice my winterguard show ~
Darn procrastination -.-

And, I've been really into Lee Hong Ki =D Jinwoon's really cute too!!
But Hong Ki's voice is uber amazingg~


And, the lady I've been talking to about starting a tutoring program at her school (she's a friends mom that teaches but said I can go through her) hasn't replied in a week. What do I do? Would reminding her be pushy? what to do what to do

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Korean wave hallyu's hit me?!

Over the past month or so, I got into this one Korean drama and now I've been watching WGM, some more dramas and their music industry.
Not that it's a bad thing or anything, it's a totally new culture and it's good quality and stuff
But just like with Japan, I feel awkward!!
I'm white (well, American White, so my heritage is from all over the world - I'm 12.5% Syrian, something Native American, 6.25 Welsh,etc,etc) so I get lumped in the 'anime freak' category - not putting anyone down - but I don't even watch anime! =\ Ignorance, smh =
Then I feel like a native's gonna be like "You weirdo why do you like my culture, whitie!" (Exaggeration - but if anyone knows what I mean? Idk how to explain it!)
Ah wellll ~
WGM YongSeo; just sayin <3

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year!!

I haven't had internet for 4 days D=
But the mountains were gorgeouss =D
Happy new year!!

Today's also the last day of break T.T I still haven't gone shopping