Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Skin and Hair

My skin has been sooo nice lately (save for the Summer freckles >.>) and my hair is finally growing out the layers from last May (the shortest were around my ear while longest were a little past my collar bone)

And I'd say there's some main causes to this(:

1. Excercise. Legit, when I started Insanity my hair was growing a little more. I stopped for about a month, went to the beach, and started excercising again (with Insanity) and there's a definite change in my hair length.

Besides building muscle and making a healthier you, when I excercise in the morning my skin is very soft,supple,even for most of the day because the steam/sweat cleaned all the pores. and it's only 6/7 days a week ;D

There are things floating around that tell you to stand on your stand for 30 seconds a day, etc. etc, and with Insanity that's all incorporated into atleast the stretching. Yall should check it out (=

2. Water. Lol sorry if you're tired of hearing about this now, but really if you drink your (atleast) 8 glasses of water a day and use this as a cleanser in the morning, you're set.

3. Ponds Cold Cream. This stuff is amazing! haha I only use at night when I wore makeup that day, because it removes the makeup like no ones business.!

4. Not a ton of chemicals. While going totally chemical free would be ideal, makeup is fun to wear and frankly I think my water is treated with too much to really be effective for the Caveman Method. To use as little as possible would be the next ideal.

Morning: Water (cleanser), BB Cream/Suncreen
Night: Ponds Cold Cream, Homemade exfoliater or St. Ives Green Tea, Lemon or chilled Green Tea as toner, and Olive Oil as moisturizer(I don't really use O.Oil when I use Ponds, it's moisturizing enough).

5. Eating healthy really does wonders, and hair growth/good skin has just come naturally with it.

6.(Opt.) A good hair mask never hurt, and I really like Organix Coconut Milk. It smells so good, is sulfate/formaldahyde free and make my hair really soft!

7. As little altering to it's natural state as possible. Could probably be said simpler but iono how haha. Basically, use as little heat and supplies as possible. While hair masks can be a good thing (and face masks) bad quality or toxic ones (obv) can really be counterproductive/buildup stuff on your scalp. Which isn't what you want =\ Your body is made to be self-sustainable, and while pollution and cultural diet can mess that up, it's still mainly self sustainable. This can include shampooing/conditiong as little as possible as well. The longer the better, though I generally shampoo 5x a week still.

Some people have tons of beauty supplies lined up, but I really just need maybe a box and I'm set. ^-^ And I plan on getting deFabulous Ginger Shampoo and Conditioner, as well as ordering from soon. Once I reach a certain goal with my weight, I "reward" myself with these so it's the world's delicious food that's stoppping me haha

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