Thursday, July 28, 2011

City Hunter Review : In Progress

End Spoiler:
Why did Kim Young Joo have to die? T-T And was it a dream at the end or is he alvive and htey both happy? I really hope so. He deserves to. After his fake father is shot in front of him, his real father not allowed to do anything, the love of his life right there...he was shot in the chest in everything. BAWLINGGGG!!.
Edit : Soompi said it wasn' a dream. Imma just go with that!

Ending: Yoon Sung loses JinPyo/FakeDad and iI believe dies with respect for him as he said he was city hunter; thus saving Yoon Sung. He and Nana share this moment where they see each other and stare lovingly at each other, and next we see him driving. Is this a scene into a new series? I really hope so!! I don't know what else it would be.
Oh! And his mom and Ahjussi leave for the US and her co-workers get married(they're so cute lol). And she lets her dad die.

City Hunter is an action drama with, of course, a little romance and comidical characters.

Plot: Lee Yoon Sung is stolen as a baby and riased by the sole survivor of a disasterous military mission to one day take revenge on 5 politicians.

Overview: 10/10
     Why: LEEMINHOANDPARKMINYOUNG are amazing actors. No, they really are. It could've been totally different if there wasn't the level of great acting shown in this drama.
Reccomandation: I'd watch it if you like action(so many dang explosives), romance(there's definitly enough in here), or suspense. And it does all this while having the side characters which add some comic relief; yet will add to the suspense parts. There's so many unexpected twists and turns as well. Definitly keeps you on your edge!

Watch time: Since it's ended, You could probably go through the 20 episodes in less than a week no problem. It's very addicting.

I'll do a nice, more in depth one with pics and errthing when I get time ^-^

Sunday, July 24, 2011

R.I.P. Amy Winehouse

Even if you didn't agree with her personal life, she still had undeniable talent in singing and can teach everyone a lesson in one way or another. R.I.P.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Versatile Fashion Basics: Shoes

Hi(= Hope you've had a good day!

This is for all the people that don't like the idea of owning 50 different pairs of shoes. I mean, of course it'd be nice ^^ But, if you don't have the room nor money, these are my personal tips I've picked up through the years (Well...condsidering I'm pretty young that's not saying much..but!).
     The basics: 2 pairs of flip flops, 1(or 2) pair of sneakers, 1 pair of flats and 1 pair of boots. 

   -Flip Flops:
          One pair should be from the dollar-spot at Target, or an Old Navy (around 5-10$) pair for going to the pool, beach, etc.
    The other pair should be more dressy . (The ones pictured dress up any outfit really, and were about $15 Earthspirits from Wal-mart. Earthspirits) I tend to look for simple yet defined ones, with neutral colors so they match most things. Braided material, a flower, multiple straps are things to look out for.

     WHAT TO AVOID: While some people can pull off those metallic sandals well, other people need to be careful when choosing and go with what matches their skin tone. Try on gold/copper/silver versions of shoes and see which matches best, and beware of ones that make your feet look red! 

   - Sneakers:
          You can easily bump this up to 2 if you want an athletic pair and a fashion pair.
     For the athletic pair, every year or two (depending on activity level) you should check out Target. Honestly I go there and get the pretty ones that are on sale. Nike and/or Prospirit has some good woman ones there, and try to get one that's a gray and if you want have pink/purple/blue/etc. accents.White ones can get dirty really fast and black shows mud really easily.
   For fashion ones, there are a few different brands depending on your style:
         Vans are pretty popular among Skaters/Alternative/people looking for some edge. Mine are similiar to the ones in the picture, except they're and have more black.
        Converses will never go out of style, going with the classic black would match everything. Or getting a nice bold color like red or yellow is always nice for a pop of color to an outfit. There are plenty of knockoffs at places like Kmart if you don't wanna pay full price.

   You can't go wrong with a nice neutral cream,gray,or black pair of flats as they'd match most things and can look classier with skirts, etc.
       WHAT TO AVOID: -Cheaply made ones. -Light-colored fabric ones(as they'll dirty very fast).

   While the Ugg style is still in and garnering many knockoffs, there are other options haha. Military boots are great for people who want to add edge to their look, Uggs are great for students/young people because they keep you warm when walking around campus and look good with hoodies, and knee-high ones are (generally)worn by fashion-forward people.

High heels are totally up to you~

(*I do not own any of the images - all were gotton from 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Park Shin Hye "Heart Strings" Fashion Style

Hey yall!! I decided to start watching Heartstrings, mostly 'cause I'm waiting for City Hunter and band camp hasn't started yet...but that's besides the point =P

Heartstrings is turning out better than my expectations. It's not deadly-drama-addicting;however, it's nice to kill an hour here and there with.(imo) (and, Park Shin Hye is one of my favorite actresses, + Jung Yonghwa's singing is very good quality)

And there's something distinct about Gyu Wons fashion sense, I'd say. There's 3 main style ideas I've noticed:
1.Long,flowy skirt with an equally flowy/loose/comfortable shirt

2. Blouse tucked into mid-thigh waist skirt
3. "Overall" style. She's worn actual overalls and also something like a spaghetti strap over a t-shrit.

(Sorry about bad quality images, it's so hard to get any good screen caps >.< )
And her bags I'd say are a big part/key point of her outfits. (Soompi has a post on 2 of her backpacks here: ). The colors coordinate well with her outfits all the time, so jellyy

In a few words, it's a comfortable style with complimenting, and-ties-it-all-together bags and shoes. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of some of her skirts;however, it works haha

Also, Happy Birthday Mom!!! I<3you!!

Btw, nice drama^^ Not as emotionally pulling/intense as some are, but it's nice

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kim Nana City Hunter Makeup

*Bad lighting, and I look so young T-T Well, I am young but I shouldn't have that big a baby face.
**Note, I realize I'm not asian, and Park Min Young/Kim Nana is. I appreciate the culture and the style, and wanted to try to see how she achieved her makeup(which is actually pretty common(natural makeup), but of course with little tweaks here and there.).
Is anyone else on the City Hunter wagon? I don't even care this time about hopping onto the popular drama band wagon, it's so good!!(And Lee MinHo!!!<3)

Here's how I'd do the makeup if I was Kim Nana:

1. Her skin is very milky and smooth. I used my BB cream, others may want foundation/concealer,etc.

Just "perfect" your skin.
2.Groom eyebrows.

Hers aren't filled in really, but feel free too. You can't really tell if it's the cameras doing or if they didn't fill hers in, but hers don't appear too heavy. However, they are more straight (vs. arched) which gives her young-looking face an even younger appearence. They're also thicker, and you can probably get away with using just a gel on them if yours are naturally shaped like hers. Otherwise, make them straighter, (lightly!) thicker, and gel them.

3. Waterlines

Use a dark brown eyeshadow on your lower and upper waterlines (not a whole ton!!).

Brown pencil would work too.

4.Brown liquid liner.

Starting from the outer third of your eyelid, make a thin line extending a little bit past your eye.


Naturally, my eyelashes are thick, so I curled them and used a clear gel since hers aren't huge and dramatic. However, if they're sparse/thin/verylight, then go ahead and use your mascara
6.CheeksUse a very light peachy color^-^

7.LipsExcept for when she got shot in the shoulder, her lips are a healthy red/pink. A lip stain would be recommended here! I have a covergirl one I use, but I think it's too dark so I put a little bb cream and mixed it onto my lips and it worked.

Tada!! The purpose of an inspired look is to take the look and make it so you would wear it. Imo. You're not trying to look exactly like the original.

Skin and Hair

My skin has been sooo nice lately (save for the Summer freckles >.>) and my hair is finally growing out the layers from last May (the shortest were around my ear while longest were a little past my collar bone)

And I'd say there's some main causes to this(:

1. Excercise. Legit, when I started Insanity my hair was growing a little more. I stopped for about a month, went to the beach, and started excercising again (with Insanity) and there's a definite change in my hair length.

Besides building muscle and making a healthier you, when I excercise in the morning my skin is very soft,supple,even for most of the day because the steam/sweat cleaned all the pores. and it's only 6/7 days a week ;D

There are things floating around that tell you to stand on your stand for 30 seconds a day, etc. etc, and with Insanity that's all incorporated into atleast the stretching. Yall should check it out (=

2. Water. Lol sorry if you're tired of hearing about this now, but really if you drink your (atleast) 8 glasses of water a day and use this as a cleanser in the morning, you're set.

3. Ponds Cold Cream. This stuff is amazing! haha I only use at night when I wore makeup that day, because it removes the makeup like no ones business.!

4. Not a ton of chemicals. While going totally chemical free would be ideal, makeup is fun to wear and frankly I think my water is treated with too much to really be effective for the Caveman Method. To use as little as possible would be the next ideal.

Morning: Water (cleanser), BB Cream/Suncreen
Night: Ponds Cold Cream, Homemade exfoliater or St. Ives Green Tea, Lemon or chilled Green Tea as toner, and Olive Oil as moisturizer(I don't really use O.Oil when I use Ponds, it's moisturizing enough).

5. Eating healthy really does wonders, and hair growth/good skin has just come naturally with it.

6.(Opt.) A good hair mask never hurt, and I really like Organix Coconut Milk. It smells so good, is sulfate/formaldahyde free and make my hair really soft!

7. As little altering to it's natural state as possible. Could probably be said simpler but iono how haha. Basically, use as little heat and supplies as possible. While hair masks can be a good thing (and face masks) bad quality or toxic ones (obv) can really be counterproductive/buildup stuff on your scalp. Which isn't what you want =\ Your body is made to be self-sustainable, and while pollution and cultural diet can mess that up, it's still mainly self sustainable. This can include shampooing/conditiong as little as possible as well. The longer the better, though I generally shampoo 5x a week still.

Some people have tons of beauty supplies lined up, but I really just need maybe a box and I'm set. ^-^ And I plan on getting deFabulous Ginger Shampoo and Conditioner, as well as ordering from soon. Once I reach a certain goal with my weight, I "reward" myself with these so it's the world's delicious food that's stoppping me haha

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Whiter Teeth! And sea salt?

Hey yall(=

My teeth naturally came in....yellowish =\ After a recent dentist trip, they recommended I use Crest whitening strips because they really do work. Being the cheap family, we went out and bought the Target version "Up&Up advanced whitening strips" haha

(^^^Look like this but in a white box.)
Review: 4/5

Pros: Good price (15$ for 7 top&bottom trays), whitened, good size, conformed to teeth (most of the time), does what it says it will do!, and a few weeks later, while the brighteness faded a little bit, they're still white

Cons: Sometimes would slide around, and can be a little uncomfortable. Can sting gum if not applied properly (it doesn't hurt but it's not comfortable really either)

Recommended b(^-^)d


For the Fourth, I was at the beach (spent a week there) and after being in the ocean, my skin was really nice. I noticed my pores were smaller and clearer on my nose.
Might be adding Sea Salt to my cleansing regimen ;D

Be happy, healthy, and safe!(=