Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kim Nana City Hunter Makeup

*Bad lighting, and I look so young T-T Well, I am young but I shouldn't have that big a baby face.
**Note, I realize I'm not asian, and Park Min Young/Kim Nana is. I appreciate the culture and the style, and wanted to try to see how she achieved her makeup(which is actually pretty common(natural makeup), but of course with little tweaks here and there.).
Is anyone else on the City Hunter wagon? I don't even care this time about hopping onto the popular drama band wagon, it's so good!!(And Lee MinHo!!!<3)

Here's how I'd do the makeup if I was Kim Nana:

1. Her skin is very milky and smooth. I used my BB cream, others may want foundation/concealer,etc.

Just "perfect" your skin.
2.Groom eyebrows.

Hers aren't filled in really, but feel free too. You can't really tell if it's the cameras doing or if they didn't fill hers in, but hers don't appear too heavy. However, they are more straight (vs. arched) which gives her young-looking face an even younger appearence. They're also thicker, and you can probably get away with using just a gel on them if yours are naturally shaped like hers. Otherwise, make them straighter, (lightly!) thicker, and gel them.

3. Waterlines

Use a dark brown eyeshadow on your lower and upper waterlines (not a whole ton!!).

Brown pencil would work too.

4.Brown liquid liner.

Starting from the outer third of your eyelid, make a thin line extending a little bit past your eye.


Naturally, my eyelashes are thick, so I curled them and used a clear gel since hers aren't huge and dramatic. However, if they're sparse/thin/verylight, then go ahead and use your mascara
6.CheeksUse a very light peachy color^-^

7.LipsExcept for when she got shot in the shoulder, her lips are a healthy red/pink. A lip stain would be recommended here! I have a covergirl one I use, but I think it's too dark so I put a little bb cream and mixed it onto my lips and it worked.

Tada!! The purpose of an inspired look is to take the look and make it so you would wear it. Imo. You're not trying to look exactly like the original.

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