Thursday, July 28, 2011

City Hunter Review : In Progress

End Spoiler:
Why did Kim Young Joo have to die? T-T And was it a dream at the end or is he alvive and htey both happy? I really hope so. He deserves to. After his fake father is shot in front of him, his real father not allowed to do anything, the love of his life right there...he was shot in the chest in everything. BAWLINGGGG!!.
Edit : Soompi said it wasn' a dream. Imma just go with that!

Ending: Yoon Sung loses JinPyo/FakeDad and iI believe dies with respect for him as he said he was city hunter; thus saving Yoon Sung. He and Nana share this moment where they see each other and stare lovingly at each other, and next we see him driving. Is this a scene into a new series? I really hope so!! I don't know what else it would be.
Oh! And his mom and Ahjussi leave for the US and her co-workers get married(they're so cute lol). And she lets her dad die.

City Hunter is an action drama with, of course, a little romance and comidical characters.

Plot: Lee Yoon Sung is stolen as a baby and riased by the sole survivor of a disasterous military mission to one day take revenge on 5 politicians.

Overview: 10/10
     Why: LEEMINHOANDPARKMINYOUNG are amazing actors. No, they really are. It could've been totally different if there wasn't the level of great acting shown in this drama.
Reccomandation: I'd watch it if you like action(so many dang explosives), romance(there's definitly enough in here), or suspense. And it does all this while having the side characters which add some comic relief; yet will add to the suspense parts. There's so many unexpected twists and turns as well. Definitly keeps you on your edge!

Watch time: Since it's ended, You could probably go through the 20 episodes in less than a week no problem. It's very addicting.

I'll do a nice, more in depth one with pics and errthing when I get time ^-^

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