Sunday, May 29, 2011

Animazement 2011

It was soo much fun, got to get back in touch with my true nerdiness(= haha

Spent a ton of time lurking in the game room 'till a creeper man wnated to play with me O.O I'm sure he's a harmless little old goober, but it's one of those moments where your moms voice echoes in your head warning you about people.

I was Bou (Merrymaking) for half of Saturday - then put on my Hello Kitty hat haha

And today I got a more elaborate hat I would surely mess up if I DIY'd it haha - it's a Digimon!

Didn't get to go to the Rave though everyone said it was a ton of fun, oh well who needs that
Ahh My friend and I did the David Choi awkward dance in a breakdancing circle.

Big Link and Little Link hahaha it was such a cute cosplay idea

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Yummy Cookies?

I was at Target the other day and was looking for food to keep in my purse (I never go hungry B) and found Hello Panda! Chocolate cookies in the dollar section

They're sooo good.! I don't even know why! haha and aren't too bad on the calorie scale

Friday, May 20, 2011

The world ends...again?

Hehe apparently tomorrow the world will end with an earthquake at 6pm.

Well, it's judgment day tech., so sinners will be killed of in a span of 5 months. But then something about an earthquake...

I have to say, this time people have gotton creative about it.

Wish everyone the best of luck! I'll be partying (contrary to normal haha, I'm normally sitting on tumblr, watching dramas, covering dances or something of the sort) so atleast I'm going down happy. hope yall do too.!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mississippi River flooding and effects of it

Hey yalll, if you don't know, our Mississippi river is flooding. Levee (man made(normally) walls that keep out the river) have been dropped in order to let the river flow into it's flood plains - all over Missouri and the rest of Americas "Bread basket"

So how does this affect us?
-Aside from people losing housing,(btw, I hope everyone is safe and grabbed their needed materials), the farmland has been flooded. If that doesn't raise alarm, then hopefully this will - nearly 50% of our food from there is gone.

We can predict that this will cause an increase in food prices. Espiecially grains, from what I understand.

I've been told to stock up- with scientific proof backing up that much farmland has been lost. So food prices going up is a sensible prediction.

With gas prices sky high as well, I'd reccomend stocking up on your SPAM, canned foods and lucky charms!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Insanity Workout Review Week 4

I'm in my fourth week of Insanity, and, it really is insane.!

I've been putting 60-70% of my effort into the routines most days, but I'm still getting results. I'm quite happy with them - I've definitly gained muscle, lost fat. I'm prob 60% to my goal ^-^

And for my diet, I haven't been following his nutrition guide. I've been aiming for 1500 cal a day (meaning I eat 1600-1800 4xdays of the week probably) and eating what I normally do. Note, I don't drink much soda and I have some form of chocolate everyday (Idon't know how or why, I just do) and eat potatoes/white bread, etc.

I still weigh 130, but my body is significantly more toned. Can't wait until I'm actually done with Insanity ^-^ I'll either try hip hop abs or find some yoga program or start getting really into coverin dances.

Shaun T. has really good programs!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Liar Game Drama (Seasons 1&2 + Movie) ~a little spoilage~

(^^^From the movie, fiaeuhgssrth^-^)
Was. So. Good.!


The main plot of it is Nao Kanzaki(Toda Erika), who is often called "stupidly honest" and never doubts anyone. gets sucked into the "Liar Game" which purpose is to draw out human greed. Of course this calls for lying and being lied to, and once she realizes she can't back out and can't win this on her own, she calls the help of Akiyama Shinichi (Matsuda Shou) to help her get out of the game, once he joins as well they share the goal of eventually taking it out for good.


It had good twists, comdey, implied romance(never a main focus but still there - nicely done.! Although they soooo cute ^-^), and while it's a pscyological thriller, they dumb it down for everyone who doesn't get it.


It took about 2 weeks to get through it all, even though there's only 20 episodes and a movie, because of school. But it's one of those ones you watch where you wanna see it, but it's not so addicting you fail out of your classes in that week (haha if that makes sense)

Good actors, lighting was a bit dark but I'm getting used to this for japanese dramas(most of the ones I've watched have all had darker lighting - like Nobuta wo Produce,etc.), and good plot line. Also offers a nice theory to think about - how far human greed will really go and how to change it.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Bin Laden's dead

What's gonna happen now?