Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy Holidays!!!(Late)

Ahh sorry I've been sleeping, watching City Hunter, drinking tea, and hanging with family haha
Oh, and eating!!
Blogilates will be my best friend once school starts again =x

Hope yall hada good holidays though^^ I got the City Hunter Boxset, a pound of Teavana Chai tea, a yoga mat, and some other random mostly been procrastinating nad having no life past few days =D

Dyed my hair a dark brown and I really want it to go lighter, so I think I'll give an Ash Blonde a try and pray my hair doesn't turn out bad.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Pretty&Cute and ToFebruary Black Friday haul~

My order came in!! ^^
I ordered: MyBeautyDiary Chocolate Truffle face mask box, Fairy Drops BB Cream, Carry Me Lioele Mascara, and Tony Moly Blackhead Mask

MBD Face Mask(Chocolate Truffle 4.5/5
Pros: Makes my skin smooth, pores are much less noticable for days after, nice smell, very moisturizing, and makes skin tone look nice/glowy.
Cons: Mask size(guess my head is small or something)
Would I buy again?: Possibly. I wanna try different masks but I wouldn't mind coming back to this one

Fair Drops BB Cream 4/5
Texture: Creamy(watch out if you have veryvery dry skin though)
Coverage: Buildable medium. This is probably the best BB Cream for coverage I've tried so far
Pros: Good coverage/color/consistency, comes with sponge, good for pictures(no spf)
Cons: Pricey(full price is around $40), can be a little cakey if skin is not moisturized, small size for price, sponge is hard to clean imo (after first week gave up and use fingers now)
Would I buy again?: If it's on a really good sale maybe, but I'll probably keep trying new ones

Carry Me Lioele Mascara 4/5
Pros:Very pigmented, doesn't droop, coats full lash for length, good travel size
Cons: Flakey after 8 hours (but makes for easy removal)
I wish I bought a full-size Lioele mascara! haha
Would I buy again?: No

Tony Moly Blackhead Mask 3.5/5
The packaging is so cute!! And can't wait to try the little flower thing in the top
Pros: Nice mild exfoliant, good smell, works somewhat
Cons: Isn't a miracle worker for blackheads =\
Would I buy again?: No

I've been really excited to try all of these and it was only around $55 for it all (much cheaper than it normally is, and since I only buy this stuff twice a year, it was a good deal!)

Waiting for my sweater from ToFebruary to come in! Excited for it (it also was like 20% off - otherwise I wouldn't have gotton it. And $1 shipping? Good pricing to me)
Quality - Great, it's really warm!
Sizing - On me (5'4, 130lbs. Size S/sometimes M) - Average. It fits well but isn't a superduper good fit. I could wear it with just tights/leggings if I wanted because it does cover what needs to be, but I'm not comfortable with something that short so I wear jeans or leggings/see-
able shorts.
Cons: I personally really liked the giraffes, but my sister said it looked like the giraffes were doing something inappropriate -_-
Very happy with this order^^