Sunday, May 30, 2010

Animazment Day 3 - NOIZ Q&A and DDR

going into detail nao so dont keep reading if you dont wanna hear some fangirling Kotaru(Main Gtr)Blue ; Yamato(Drum) Green ; Kyou(Ba.)Purple ; Taka(Vo.) Pink ; Masato(Vo.2/Gtr.2): Orange
(i used still shots from their videos on youtube;no illegal pictures were taken during the concert)

Their whole concept is that they come from another planet and come make peace to earth through live shows lol.

kay so i went to anamazment pretty early at 10 to be there for their q&a. and this of course ensued some weird questions.. one girl asked if she could touch masatos stomach...he is SUCHH a pervv!! so is taka haha their response to alot of things was naked!! and he also let my friend touch his stomach!! haha i asked one of the few serious quetions "Do yall play any other instruments and why do you play the instruments you do now" All of them can play the other instruments okay, and most wanted to play guitar. Yamato plays drum because of jakkenpon xD Kotaru looked realyyy tired the whole time, all of them did (excpet Taka) Kyou i couldnt tell though cause of his contacts haha.
One of the questions was something like "How does it feel to be famous" and they were like... we're not famous yet. they are to mee thoughh! they dont realize they made my YEAR by just hugging one of them!! haha
Gosh,at this rate if i ever saw An Cafe or Ayabie or Alice Nine live i would faint or something lol

They dont play DDR very well. xD There was a tournament and they spent more time running around dancingg (which was hilarious haha) ( some of the sutff they did is stuff you would do when you hang out with your friends) and this one guy started break dancing after he beasted Kotaru and Kotaru layed on his stomach and tried imitating him. haha it was soo cutee/funnyy!!And the MC's were hilarious. NOIZ was hilarious too!! ahh maybe one day ill grow up and be part of tech crew for concerts or something hahaha idk what else to do
MC1: "Sorry guys, staff said this is NOIZ's last round. They're not invincible." Crowd " Yes they are!!" MC2 "Dude, you just siad the wrong thing to the wrong crowd. They're probably gonna mob you the secodn this is over now"

They really did do a good job at their concerts!!! They have an AMAZING stage prescence.


animazment was good besides that thoughh!! i got some stuff, a few cure magazines, my first cd, a hello kitty hat (it was an in the moment thing) im happy!! and still have some money left!!
imma be sad to see them goo)): I didnt excpect him to be my height though. im like 5'2" or so.

heres the website:
and on yt they are: NOIZthemovie

And they ran out of dvds and shirts, so i couldnt get one signedd))): but my friend gave me the photo Kotaro signed for her!!!! WOOO!! hes my favv((: yamato is close behind, then masato/taka/kyou (they all tie)

Its been a good weekend(:
but now so much homeowrk...ugh

RIP Junko Furuta - i just found out about this and its TERRIBLE!!

Edit: NOIZ has a bunch of videos from Animazment on their yt (NOIZthemovie) and on their HP.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Anamazement 2010 Day 2 - and 2nd NOIZ concert

(Pictures from all three days, there were some really good cosplayers!! I just used the photos that were co-operating with Paint haha)

So today was at anamazment againn!!
there were some really good cosplayers
so i saw my friend kim and we talked a little
then i saw my friend brandon and james in the dealers room. and there was this REALLY hot Squall Leon from FFX and i turned around to them and was like "he is HOTTT" and so brandon pushes me like right into him (this guys atleast out of highschool prob. already) and landed into hugging him and he said "Hey" and i was lie "Hey i just thought you were hot."......did NOT mean to say that!! haha
Also in the dealers room NOIZ was signing stuff but i didnt see any mroe dvd's ): and i didnt want to pay $25 for a shirt )): REALLY hoping tommorow i can go and buy a dvd and get it signed!! the band is just tooo!!! sweet! though some of the stuff they said is very..ermm...haha
and got my frist jrock cd (by the band that started it al ine me, AN CAFE!!! it was one of there new ones, but atleasti ts something!! and got my frst cure magazinee!! from '06 ): but it was $5 and has most of my fav bands in itt!!! woo!)
and went to uchuu sentai NOIZ's second concert!! it was much more of a mosh pitt):) but thank you random moderate-muscle guy. these two guys came in front of us and started moshing WAYY too extreme (there foot was elbow height on pretty short but still!!) i know its a rock concert but geezz
i also wanna thank him for keeping, as bubzbeauty would say, the persistant "hip thrusting" guy off of me. gosh. HT is a PEDOOO
The concert was good thoughh!! despite a few people, it was reallly good! my friend caught Yamatos drumstick!!! i was so close to getting itt)): but yamato is her favorite so im happy for her haha
the convention was cool thoughh!

Friday, May 28, 2010

uchuu sentai NOIZ CONCERT!!

(this picture is from last year at animazment, i couldnt find one online of what they wore at this years concerts):
so we all lined up and the line was over 2 floors longg!!! we were on the second floor):
but when we got in, i remember being like wow!! and talking to the random people next to me
then one by one, they came out, the music making my heart pound and slowly deafening me haha it was AMAZING!! I was about the third row of people back on the side near Masato,Kyou and Taka. not Kotaru(my fav) :( im not complaining though!! haha
it was a fun filed 2 hours of fist pumping,head banging (a little) and jumpingg up and down
and i swear at opne point this guy smiled at mee!!! (one of them on there)
Just sayin
if you dont like some of their pv's
DEF. dont judge just on that
they have one of the best stage prescences EVERR!!
and kotaro can SHREDD. i wonder how much and long hes practiced haha he must never sleep to be that good. fast fingers and that muscle memory takes so long to work on. hes nutss!!
they're all so crazy!! haha
now im so tired
and my calves hurt lol
but this is really the only reason i go to Anamazment (besisdes the fact its not even half na hour away)
to stalk the bandss(:
So i saw them last year too, but i was on the side in the back cause we got there like right before it started.They are so nice!! love themm!! Half their music was fist pumpy and the otehr half was head banging type. ahhh it was fun thoughh
more stalking today at their next concertt((: (if my body lets me though haha, my calves hurt insanelyy!!)
may be doing a ganguro inspired thing today?? not sure, will decide in the next hour prob. lol
Editt agian-
Masato and Angel took both their shirts off at both shows haha
and both times he mentioned his pokeballs..again..haha last years concert he said something about his "pokemon"
Masato probably has the best stage prescence
Kyo headbangs the most :P
Angel Taka's voice carries and is good in my opinion
Kotaro has some pretty sick skills
and Yamato is the bands level of musicality, i wish you could see drummers more but you really cant): he had like 2 bass drums, 6 symbols and idk he was hooked up thuogh haha hes improved since last year though def. I think i prefer this year over last year, but last year i has no clue about who they were,etc.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Schools been stressfull...i can just sense my GPA falling with every day. but ive maintained all A's so far so cant be doing too bad!! have so much work i need to get done though in a matter of 5 hours >.<>
from Pretty and Cute : (love this store!!)
Collagen mask:

They're one time use and i only got one D': but they work AMAZING! almost completly got rid of undereye problems!

Pen liquid liner:

worked okayy...but you have to like stab your skin for it to work at all!! so not rebuying it.

Shimmer stick:

i actually bought this because my other one was running low. love them! only bad thing is if they smudge your whole eye area looks sparkly and the cap is such a tight bit the top off!!

Missha BB cream:

Love love LOVE this stuff. bought #23 the first time, and #21 recently because they were outta stock. ive found that #21 gives more coverage though. its a bit pale though so i mix it with a tinyy bit of #23 and its perfect!! and is spf 42!! great!! except i dont put sunscreen on my body daily so i look two toned sometimes D: haha def. love this!!

Lip Color Stick thing: Perfect hime nude lips! except after the first few uses it isnt as nuda a color - its pink underneath. not what i was expecting
Rhinestones : decorr, nails, idk =P they were a really good price thuogh!!
shopping makes me happyy hahaha