Sunday, May 2, 2010


Schools been stressfull...i can just sense my GPA falling with every day. but ive maintained all A's so far so cant be doing too bad!! have so much work i need to get done though in a matter of 5 hours >.<>
from Pretty and Cute : (love this store!!)
Collagen mask:

They're one time use and i only got one D': but they work AMAZING! almost completly got rid of undereye problems!

Pen liquid liner:

worked okayy...but you have to like stab your skin for it to work at all!! so not rebuying it.

Shimmer stick:

i actually bought this because my other one was running low. love them! only bad thing is if they smudge your whole eye area looks sparkly and the cap is such a tight bit the top off!!

Missha BB cream:

Love love LOVE this stuff. bought #23 the first time, and #21 recently because they were outta stock. ive found that #21 gives more coverage though. its a bit pale though so i mix it with a tinyy bit of #23 and its perfect!! and is spf 42!! great!! except i dont put sunscreen on my body daily so i look two toned sometimes D: haha def. love this!!

Lip Color Stick thing: Perfect hime nude lips! except after the first few uses it isnt as nuda a color - its pink underneath. not what i was expecting
Rhinestones : decorr, nails, idk =P they were a really good price thuogh!!
shopping makes me happyy hahaha

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