Friday, January 28, 2011

Victoria f(x) bangs? and Tumblr

Got a tumblr!
And my twitter

It'd be so weird if anyone found all this from school

Either way, after watching WGM Khuntoria, I really liked how Victoria put her bangs back because I've been needing something for days when I wake up and they're totally out of line. So

I didn't realize all you needed to do was twist !! It looks better on her I think, but hey.

All A's last sem. =)

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Pray like there ain't no tommorow!
Is 2012 true?
Is it gonna be like "The Day After Tommorow"?

Animals have been dying in masses (add 200 cows to various types of birds, fish and crabs). And possibly a superstorm in California dumping 10 feet of water in a span of 40 days, causing destruction bigger than a San Andreas earthquake? D=

Intresting to contemplate, no?

Lazy dayy, got an A on my Music exam but no clue what it is, and no clue about Health yet either

Last night hung out with some firned I haven't sen in 6 months =-D
Saw Green Hornet then went to dinner,I miss them!! Haha and Green Hornet was a total dude movie, but Jay Chou 8D
Spinners has yummy milkshakes(= <3

Sunday, January 9, 2011


^Bahaha the title sounds like the beggining of a motivational passionate novella post.
But nope!

I've started watching WGM the Adam couple (after liking YongSeo and Adam's gonna be over in about a week) and they. are. hilarious!!
They're the comic relief couple xD I couldn't put up with the nagging though - too much like my Dad, sorry Jo Kwon!! Yall cute though[=
It's episode 5 and I already love them haha

Yongseo is the really sweet/cute couple of the show, I'm sure the comic relief/cute/sweet couple theory will be proven for the Adam couple, and I'll have to watch Khuntoria later.

Of course though, when they were making a joke to Jinwoon about studying (I didn't know he was that young! Aww he's so cute!! And not too much older ;D lol just kidding) I forgot that even though I got some state-given tests last week, I have more this week and FINALS! noo!!

My classes aren't hard, but it's just going through my inch-think pile of homeowrk, and my 2-inch pile of notes! Nooo!! I have less than 12 hours! And I have to practice my winterguard show ~
Darn procrastination -.-

And, I've been really into Lee Hong Ki =D Jinwoon's really cute too!!
But Hong Ki's voice is uber amazingg~


And, the lady I've been talking to about starting a tutoring program at her school (she's a friends mom that teaches but said I can go through her) hasn't replied in a week. What do I do? Would reminding her be pushy? what to do what to do

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Korean wave hallyu's hit me?!

Over the past month or so, I got into this one Korean drama and now I've been watching WGM, some more dramas and their music industry.
Not that it's a bad thing or anything, it's a totally new culture and it's good quality and stuff
But just like with Japan, I feel awkward!!
I'm white (well, American White, so my heritage is from all over the world - I'm 12.5% Syrian, something Native American, 6.25 Welsh,etc,etc) so I get lumped in the 'anime freak' category - not putting anyone down - but I don't even watch anime! =\ Ignorance, smh =
Then I feel like a native's gonna be like "You weirdo why do you like my culture, whitie!" (Exaggeration - but if anyone knows what I mean? Idk how to explain it!)
Ah wellll ~
WGM YongSeo; just sayin <3

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year!!

I haven't had internet for 4 days D=
But the mountains were gorgeouss =D
Happy new year!!

Today's also the last day of break T.T I still haven't gone shopping