Saturday, January 22, 2011


Pray like there ain't no tommorow!
Is 2012 true?
Is it gonna be like "The Day After Tommorow"?

Animals have been dying in masses (add 200 cows to various types of birds, fish and crabs). And possibly a superstorm in California dumping 10 feet of water in a span of 40 days, causing destruction bigger than a San Andreas earthquake? D=

Intresting to contemplate, no?

Lazy dayy, got an A on my Music exam but no clue what it is, and no clue about Health yet either

Last night hung out with some firned I haven't sen in 6 months =-D
Saw Green Hornet then went to dinner,I miss them!! Haha and Green Hornet was a total dude movie, but Jay Chou 8D
Spinners has yummy milkshakes(= <3

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