Thursday, July 22, 2010


For anyone on the east coast;;SuG TV is airing tonight at 9pm. Lol, but in Japan, its 10 am.
Can't waitt~

Thursday, July 15, 2010


So this new band Black Cat looks like its gonna be amazing :D
their single "Resurection of the color blue" (i think) is realesing 7/25
blehh but because their new i think its only gonna be released at their shows, and they wouldnt sip internatinoally anyway)x
but the guitarist has the same bday as me :D (9/30)
hahaha check out their 30 second clip on their hp:
they look like their gonna be amazing!! cause i love their look,music, and the singers voicee
ah well\= i'll wait a few years for them to get more fans lol
oohh maybe cdjapan has something
(they all have amebas if you look under profile - no pics yet though except a group one so idk whose who for guitar)x
The music sounds really good considering they started in april. Clothing and hair is very visual kei;i didnt see any too extreme makeup on them in the video. Overall very nice affect.

Another band; MASQUERADE
their not new ;they've actually been around for like 3 years
loveee their single pisera x pisera :D all their songs are pretty cool though lol
thats their YT;they have a video adverstising for their live in september. they should come to america =D
and thats their web

they released a new single Sweet Rain Ruby Sky 7/7 and im pretty sure thats the song they used in their concert ad video on their channel. id def. go check them out yall ;D

Their music is kinda pop,rock,electronic. its a very unique sound though;and its just the two of them as official members of the band, Hayato (Vo.) and Kei (Guitar).
You cant really tell from their cd cover, but, clothing wise, its very visual kei =D yayy hahaha makeup wise though its pretty natural. Both use circle lenses, but no crazy makeup .
They both have amebas and gree(<-- never heard of gree till now xD) if u look at their profiles. Their website is pretty modern/good(:

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

彩冷える- 会いたくて ~ これは歌手のあまいとてもです(:

彩冷える- 会いたくて ~ これは歌手のあまいとてもです.((:
ayabie - aitakute - this singer is tooo sweet.(:

my japanese is def. improving considering i started studying Tae Kim's guide. His lessons are for much more modern talk;the place i go the child teacher (if your highschool or younger) teaches formal japanese =\ but the adult teacher teaches more modern? lol my teacher still says wo instead of o! hahaha but shes a good teacher

Ayabie!!Love them from before they were major; and now. I think their styles are both so different, you can't really compare pop and indie vk.  It's an honor for an artist to go major, and lets them get easier acess
to venues,etc.
Same with THE KIDDIE. (Their quality of music, while slightly changed, is still good!) I'd kill for any merchandise haha. I really want a kiddie shirt =\
I'e translated all of mikus twitter recently on my LJ
Edit: ayabies irodori live shows,  0010101.
Aoi has an incredible voice range - and a truly amazing and unique one at that.

Monday, July 12, 2010

World Cup =\

Also, im kinda scared to post this..
But the world cup was yesterday right? for all soccer fans (so the whole world except me and half of america) this was a huge deal.
the world comes together, everyones happy,sharing food and cheering for their team.
But when bombs go off in Uganda, 74 are dead in a Ethiopian restaraunt. Atleast 1 american is dead, and the other 73 are all natives.
...R.I.P. those 74. You shouldn't have had to die.

The american? his family is in my county. his brother almost died when his plan crashed on the way to Nate's funeral.

Cause one day, we'll all live in a world were we won't have to see World Trade Centers fall, subways almost blow up, headlines aren't Pakistan death toll in recent bombing rises from 76 to 111. Were a time of coming together as humans all around the world is ended with 74 dead. Were the people I know aren't here one day, fighting in war, to being another number in a bomb death toll the next.
One day, right?

Whitening Milk Mask

^Clear, smooth, light. Who doesn't want Park Bom's beautiful skin?

Wassup everyone! its been a while since i've done anything beauty related,so figured i'd update everyone because i lit. did this two seconds ago xD

But have you ever gotton too dark a tan;or unwanted freckles?? I mean, of cuorse theres all those brands outthere (skinfood,missha,etc.) that sell millions of whitening products, which can get pretty pricey. So heres a little DIY whitening idea for you(;

For spot (if you want to lighten just freckles,birthmarks,etc.):

~Q tip
~Milk(it doesn't matter particularly what % of fat is in it;all milk has lactic acid which is the main whitening ingredient)
~Little Bowl - sauce bowls work well,etc.
~15 minutes

~Pour some milk into the bowl
~take the qtip, dip it into the milk, and put it on the freckles, birthmarks, and/or this even lightens undereye bags (don't get clsoe to your eyeball,but going along the edge of the purple is okay)(: just put it where you want to lighten
~Wait about 10 or 15 minutes - u know ur skin and how much you want to lighten it
~Wash off

For a mask(never done one before - but in theory this should work):
~Compressed paper mask (post link later)

~Put the comp. paper mask on a plate
~Follow the directions - which is put desired items on mask. So pour the milk on the mask and wait for it to absorb in
~Use the mask
~Wait 10-15 minute
~Take the mask off and rinse your face

It's so easy and effective..why NOT try it?? Granted, it may take a few tries to go shades lighter,I noticed my freckles become lighter in one use;within a few uses they wont be noticable at all almost! And my under eyes weren't so purple - in one use. Also;;it tightens skin - so seriously - why not?(:

Tip: Feel free to add lemon (citric acid),honey,etc. to the mask. id avoid oils in this case though - just cause im pretty sure milk is water based, and water and oil have a different cell bond - causing them to not stir all lol

Warning: Remember;skin whitening is done with acid;and in this case lactic acid. So keep that in mind.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Always remove your makeup

It's unsanitary and can lead to eye styes >.<

Friday, July 2, 2010

Ayabie - Kimi wo dakishimete utsushite

OMFGOMFGOMFG if i ever meet a boy like aoi or yumehito i would probably pass out.
they are just too too too too tooo cutee/amazing!! god its times like these i wish there were boys like this here>.< leaving for the beach tommorow - see yall in a week(: