Tuesday, July 13, 2010

彩冷える- 会いたくて ~ これは歌手のあまいとてもです(:

彩冷える- 会いたくて ~ これは歌手のあまいとてもです.((:
ayabie - aitakute - this singer is tooo sweet.(:

my japanese is def. improving considering i started studying Tae Kim's guide. His lessons are for much more modern talk;the place i go the child teacher (if your highschool or younger) teaches formal japanese =\ but the adult teacher teaches more modern? lol my teacher still says wo instead of o! hahaha but shes a good teacher

Ayabie!!Love them from before they were major; and now. I think their styles are both so different, you can't really compare pop and indie vk.  It's an honor for an artist to go major, and lets them get easier acess
to venues,etc.
Same with THE KIDDIE. (Their quality of music, while slightly changed, is still good!) I'd kill for any merchandise haha. I really want a kiddie shirt =\
I'e translated all of mikus twitter recently on my LJ
Edit: ayabies irodori live shows,  0010101.
Aoi has an incredible voice range - and a truly amazing and unique one at that.

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