Friday, March 18, 2011

Japan Earthquake

Sorry this is a week after the fact the huge initial earthquake/tsunami hit Japan

(assuming everyone knows what went down) Many are still out of contact with loved ones, there's still the Nuclear powerplant danger, many are dead floating in the water, many are still experiencing aftershocks. However, some are rejoicing as they hear a familiar voice say they're alive and waiting for the next flight home in a week or two.

Regardless, we still need to get the word around and donate if you can!!
I myself have donated 20$!

Easy Ways to:
Text redcross to 90999

and Japan to 80888 for Salvation Army!

Each will donate 10$

All I can do is edit pics of my converses for now; hope everyone is well!! I'm really glad all my friends families there are okay, but I'm still praying fo the ones that aren't

Monday, March 7, 2011

Movie Date Rant

So tht cute guy in your first block has the courage to ask you out. Kudoss! (Even though you may or maynot be a possible introvert and have to gently let him go because you don't click, then feel really bad 'cause he's actually a decent guy) You sit down in the movie theater, it's all nice and dandy. About 5 minutes in you'll encounter something every American movie has; makeout/nude scenes. I mean really? There's normally no relation to the plot with these scenes; in a personal opinion it's a chance for a director to keep the male audience intrested. So you awkwardly look around real quick while your dates sitting there diong the same. Then a bomb explodes and you're back to your normal movie watching state. The "Unknown" was a good movie =D With an actual plot!! That was unexpected and cool Time to catch up on WGM and start Pokemon Black todayy; darn school that's 7-7 -.-

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dream High


Plot: 6 singers trying to make their way into stardom. All attend Kirin Arts School.

Go Hye Mi (Miss A Suzy - she's beautiful!! She is NOT fat people =.=)
Jin Guk( 2PM Taecyeon - he's gorgeous.):
Kim Pil Suk (IU - I love her voice!):
Jason (2PM Wooyoung - his face looks so pinchable!)
Baek Hee (T-ara Eunjung - imo, I liked her acting a ton, esp. compared to some of the other idols.) :
Sam Dong (Kim Soo Hyun -dudee he's cute):


-There's a love triangle between Hye Mi, Jin Guk and Sam Dong. HM and JG cut it the last episode and i'm pretty sure ends with SD and her. Originally, they set it up for me to emotionally appreciate JG and her more; but she and SD workout nicely =D
-There's apparently one between Jin Guk, Hye Mi, and Baek Hee. They didn't show too much of it though; it was more supressed and not much screen time for BH and JG.
- Pil Suk and Jason =D <3 THEMM!! Apparently, IU and Wooyoung went on two dates unrelated to Dream High as well. oooohh ;D

^^Definitly enough to keep intrest! And well written and portrayed. Suzy's acting grew so much throughout the drama.

I lack good review writing experience without delving into a word-for-word conversation and fangirling about it, so

Go Hye Mi and Baek Hee are best friends (BH follows GHM around and thinks nothing of it - ordered around. Not really friends, GHM doesn't open up emotionally.) that end up auditioning together for the renowned Kirin Arts School (GHM despises this school but is her only option to pay off her family debt.) Originally only BH is accepted (surprise!) but GHM eventually makes it in too. Jin Guk is just your BA nice guy who ends up making friends with both, I always had the impression he liked GHM more.

While BH (unsurpisingly due to GHM cold nature) loses her best friend, and has the main crowds approval. On the opposite end of the spectrum, GHM is socially outcast and discriminated against. JG becomes one of her few friends with Sam Dong (The only reason GHM was allowed in was if she convinced JG and SD to come to it too).

Throughout the drama there's many conflicts, romances, and typical highschool things (without turning High School Musical-like) and in the end all is well =)

The end may surprise you, cause I know it surprised me! haha

Will write more later; practice now!!Winterguard