Friday, March 18, 2011

Japan Earthquake

Sorry this is a week after the fact the huge initial earthquake/tsunami hit Japan

(assuming everyone knows what went down) Many are still out of contact with loved ones, there's still the Nuclear powerplant danger, many are dead floating in the water, many are still experiencing aftershocks. However, some are rejoicing as they hear a familiar voice say they're alive and waiting for the next flight home in a week or two.

Regardless, we still need to get the word around and donate if you can!!
I myself have donated 20$!

Easy Ways to:
Text redcross to 90999

and Japan to 80888 for Salvation Army!

Each will donate 10$

All I can do is edit pics of my converses for now; hope everyone is well!! I'm really glad all my friends families there are okay, but I'm still praying fo the ones that aren't

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