Monday, March 7, 2011

Movie Date Rant

So tht cute guy in your first block has the courage to ask you out. Kudoss! (Even though you may or maynot be a possible introvert and have to gently let him go because you don't click, then feel really bad 'cause he's actually a decent guy) You sit down in the movie theater, it's all nice and dandy. About 5 minutes in you'll encounter something every American movie has; makeout/nude scenes. I mean really? There's normally no relation to the plot with these scenes; in a personal opinion it's a chance for a director to keep the male audience intrested. So you awkwardly look around real quick while your dates sitting there diong the same. Then a bomb explodes and you're back to your normal movie watching state. The "Unknown" was a good movie =D With an actual plot!! That was unexpected and cool Time to catch up on WGM and start Pokemon Black todayy; darn school that's 7-7 -.-

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