Tuesday, December 28, 2010

You're Beautiful - Korean Drama (some spoilage)

Just finished last episode. It was such a tear jerker!

So, the whole idea of the drama is that Go Mi Nam (a orphan and twin) is going to join pop idol group A. N. Jell. However, he needs to go the the States for surgery, so his manager calls in his twin sister (training to be a nun) to replace him for a month.

Let just say.


I can't get the ending out of my head though!! I keep thinking of the scene - it was over so quickly!! And how the thing they love most hurt them a ton, gah they need a second season with them together and more joking.

Overall, it really is an amazing drama. It's hilarious with serious bits until the last episode, which I personally found a deeply emotional and well acted episode.

Jeremy is soo cute and funny though!! I think I'll listen to FT Island now =D

Gee, I watched 8 episodes in one day. I wish I had prolonged it ToT I though we were leaving ot the mountains today and not tommorow so I made sure to finish it, but then discovered we weren't leaving till tomorow! How rudee xD

Go Mi Nam/ Go Mi Nyu (doublecast as the protagonist twins - you hardly ever see the real Go Mi Nam - probably cause they don't wanna make it TOO obvious, and her feminity would take away from any scene involving just him probably)
cast by Park ShinHye:

Very naive way of thinking, but sees the good in everything. Though, when it comes to situations she thinks of the worst scenario - causing tons of miscommunications in their love squares/triangles. She was training to be a Nun but ended up secretly replacing her twin brother. Of course, keeping this a secret to the guys is a key factor (even though they find out later xD)
In the end, once she can get over her mom , she and Tae Kyung are pretty much a couple after all the pain they've caused each other is healed. (aww how sweet ^-^)

Tae Kyung by Jang Geun Seok
(BAHAHAHA couldn't resist. Pig Bunny surgery!)

( Spends a majority of his time with his face like this)
(Calls for a .gif but i dunno how to make one Dx hilarious scene though xD )
Firstly, when he's not all PO'd looking, he's uber hot. Espiecially when he smiles =D

But overall a very cynical man - Neat freak, semi-controlling, egotistical, sour , no play man. However, once you delve into his past you can see his broken inside from having a broken childhood from his mom. And is secretly thoughtful and caring.

Before he and Go Mi Nams huge "fiasco", they made quite the cute couple ^-^ But the thing is, it takes nearly 2 episodes for them to reconcile because he can't really comfort her, when its him she needs comforting about. The seperating bit of them was really well thought out imo because as much as they love each other, they need Time. Unfortunatly, that creates uber suspenseful scenes that lead to a 7 minute light-hearted ending that is really sweet and good -.-

Due to his pride, there's also a lot of miscommunication in the love squares and triangles of this drama. It also causes him to almost lose Go Mi Nyu forever.

Kang Shin Woo by Jung Yong Hwa

He's such a gentleman. Maybe a bit too much, but I wouldn't mind a man like Shin Woo! haha

Overall, the more quite, reserved one. He levels out between Tae Kyung's arrogance and Jeremy's craziness.

Confesses his love for Go Mi Nyu but overall gets rejected. His face is terribly sad a majority of the time, because it'd end up that she'd be one step away from him then something random would come up and she'd never know it was him helping her with everything. Sigh

Jeremy played by Lee Hong Ki

He's ADORABLE!! Just sayin..

Upbeat, positive, bright, always smiling. He's really a comic relief to the drama - and does so in a pretty good way imo. Thumbss up! haha

Confesses his love for Go Mi Nyu and is rejected as well. His was rather heart wrenching though as he cry sang a song for her D'= That was a truly amazing scene. You can't really fake that acting!

So... lime, yellow, or black? =D

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!! + Nobuta wo Produce review

Happy birthday Jesus(= I'm thankful for the many good things that come through this life! Today was good too - got some good gifts =D

Also, I finished Nobuta wo Produce. It's BEAUTIFUL! It was hard for me to get through at first, but the last few episodes really brings it together. It's helped me determine friendship (I've been having a hard time with that recently) Society has definitly changed the meaning, and the scool change as of this year has been hard because a majority of my true friends I now don't get to see everyday. But, when I do, it feels like we never spent time apart. Love this drama <3 Amazing moral - it creates feelings you have to experience, not be told.

It's so real in th begining with all the hardships and how people interact iwth one another, but how certain things or endings bring communities together. And truly, classrooms become a community with all these people, who may not remember you for life, but atleast right now.

Likee they said, maybe life is a game, the winner is who get's the most joy out of it.

Horikita Maki is in this one too!! And Kamanashi Kazuya (KAT-TUN member!), and Yamashita Tomhisa. Nice casting, and acting imho!

The ending where they're together is amazing(=

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hana Kimi (Japan) ~Spoiler if you haven't watched it!~

So, I've been hearing tons about dramas lately, so I looked up a popular one people liked and watched it.

I must say.

It took me about 4 days or so to get through it all (13 episodes) and it was so good!

The main gist of it is Mizuki Ashiya was nearly killed in America by some wanna-be-G'ss (haha) when talented high jumper Izumi Sano saved her and got hurt in the process. She blamed herself for him having to stop high jump and dresses as a boy to attends his crazy all boy high school to get him to start again. During which, the love triangle of where Mikuzki and Sano fall in love, but Nakatsu falls in love with Mizuki too! Poor guy

~Spoiling time!~

The 3 Dorms is really where it all takes place. Good acting, HOT GUYS (just saying) (and the girl who plays Mizuki is gorgeous!! Andd you wonder why girls are always self conscious!! haha), hilarious, and romance!!

Mentionable names or people:
Mizuki Ashiya: Protagonist. Eventually gets found out and has to leave before graduation, but is acted out amazingly!! And shes too pretty for boy hair >.<>

Izumi Sano: (HOTTTT) Lead guy. He starts high jumping again, and he and Mizuki fall in love!! They only kiss once in the series, causee NAKATSU STOPPED THEM in the special! haha

Nakatsu: Hilarious (and HOTTT) character! He starts having feelings for Mizuki and wonders if he's "homo" but the realizes shes a girl. Poor guy never had a chance
Nanba: (HOTT) Dorm 2 head - aka their's ^^ and more mentionable peoples dorm head.

Then there's everyone else, Dorm 3 and 1 were very comical and added nicely to the emotional balance during suspense scenes.

Overall - I hope this doesn't get me addicted to dramas now!! haha

And, now that all day guard has ended and schools out, ITS OFFICIALLY WINTER BREAKK!!! =D

Friday, December 3, 2010

Natural Skin


So, not to say anything, but, my skins pretty great!<3 great ="D">

Morning: -Wash face with Water

Night: -Wash face with a Honey,Sugar,Olive Oil mixture
-After hot shower, rub lemon on my face

And I alternate using Lemon as a toner, and a Milk mask every other week or so. Whenever I run out of lemons really ;D

The thing is, if you just use water(this Soompier calls it the caveman regimen.) (I cant cause I still use light makeup daily. The point of it is to not use any makeup, but I don't wanna od that till the summer xD),

-For the first month your skin really clears up of any acne.

-However, for the 2-4 months or so following, depending on amount of chemicals in your skin, the purge really begins. Your skin pushes out all the chemicals and toxins you don't need, restoring your acid barrier and ph levels to its natural state.

-But, after all that and your skin is completly detoxed from deep within, your skin will naturally take care of itself. Sure, you'll get a pimple now and then, but it'll take care of ITSELF within hours! Your skins an organ and it's meant to be abloe to take care of itself and horomones, without the chemicals.

I'll show results when everythings cleared up from Marching Band summer mayhem. I still have a pretty dark tanline xD