Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hana Kimi (Japan) ~Spoiler if you haven't watched it!~

So, I've been hearing tons about dramas lately, so I looked up a popular one people liked and watched it.

I must say.

It took me about 4 days or so to get through it all (13 episodes) and it was so good!

The main gist of it is Mizuki Ashiya was nearly killed in America by some wanna-be-G'ss (haha) when talented high jumper Izumi Sano saved her and got hurt in the process. She blamed herself for him having to stop high jump and dresses as a boy to attends his crazy all boy high school to get him to start again. During which, the love triangle of where Mikuzki and Sano fall in love, but Nakatsu falls in love with Mizuki too! Poor guy

~Spoiling time!~

The 3 Dorms is really where it all takes place. Good acting, HOT GUYS (just saying) (and the girl who plays Mizuki is gorgeous!! Andd you wonder why girls are always self conscious!! haha), hilarious, and romance!!

Mentionable names or people:
Mizuki Ashiya: Protagonist. Eventually gets found out and has to leave before graduation, but is acted out amazingly!! And shes too pretty for boy hair >.<>

Izumi Sano: (HOTTTT) Lead guy. He starts high jumping again, and he and Mizuki fall in love!! They only kiss once in the series, causee NAKATSU STOPPED THEM in the special! haha

Nakatsu: Hilarious (and HOTTT) character! He starts having feelings for Mizuki and wonders if he's "homo" but the realizes shes a girl. Poor guy never had a chance
Nanba: (HOTT) Dorm 2 head - aka their's ^^ and more mentionable peoples dorm head.

Then there's everyone else, Dorm 3 and 1 were very comical and added nicely to the emotional balance during suspense scenes.

Overall - I hope this doesn't get me addicted to dramas now!! haha

And, now that all day guard has ended and schools out, ITS OFFICIALLY WINTER BREAKK!!! =D

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