Saturday, November 26, 2011

deFabulous Ginger Shampoo and Conditioner Review!

(This is the Shampoo^^)

Claims: Moisturizing, Cleansing(doesn't leave residue like some), Increase scalp blood flow,and be Laurel/Laureth Sulfate free(big plus!)

Pros: moisturizing, strengthening, seems to make hair grow faster(scientifically it can't, but it promotes going to your genetic max growth speed), interesting smell(in a good way - some may not like it), tingly feeling(I'm used to it now and it feels kinda cool, but some may not like it)

Con: Every now and then, I feel like it would leave the type of residue other shampoos can. Maybe I'm not rinsing it all out, or used hairspray that day? But it's just occasional

Overall, I'd say it's worth the 30$ I spent on it (15 for each bottle off Amazon). It lasts quite a while (I'm halfway through after 3 months). And this is coming from a girl who doesn't buy shirts over 10$(because you can find the same if not better in clearance =D)


Secret Garden drama review(Little Spoilage)

Hola yall(=

Thanksgiving Break means...another drama has been watched!! hahaha If I watched dramas during school, I'd get kicked out of any teams and fail all of my classes because they're too addicting T-T
(Spoilers are in white - highlight whole page if you want to see everything please!!^^)
Either way! Secret Garden turned out to be a very sweet, funny, sad, comedic, romantic, super sad and a happy ending!! I watched it just knowing it was really big about a year ago, and I now know why.

Genre:Romance w/ action,comedic relief

Firstly, let's introduce the 2 main characters: Ha Ji Won plays Gil Ra Im, a poor orphaned(at age 17) stuntwoman, and Hyun Bin plays Kim Joo Won,a rich president of one of the biggest department stores in Korea.
KJW has a hallyu-wave-star cousin Oska(playaa), a mom similar to BOF/HYD mom in the sense that she trys to rip the 2 lovebirds apart and disowns him,Yoon Seul(a director/Oska's ex that eventually they end up marrying<3 that has had arranged marriage meeting with KJW),Ji Hyun(his personal doctor and an ex) and Secretary Kim (he and Ah Young is sooooo cute!!).
Gil Ra Im has her action school crew(including Director Im the guy who gets left out in that love triangle - he gets together with KJW sister though so it all works out ;D), and Ah Young (her roomate and close friend).

After an accidental meeting and KJW realizing he's starting to fall for her(major stalking went on), they end up switching souls((whenever it rains before GRI Dad puts them back to normal))after drinking some homemade wine and experience each others life(honestly, while this was mostly hilarious,they did share some good moments and bad moments while switched, like in Ep. 18 T-T) and go through the hardships of fighting against KJW's mother, who has quite a bit of power. One gets deathly hurt,one is willing to die for the other, one has a tramatic incident years ago that ended up involving the other,and amnesia, - you should watch to see it all!

Overall, 9.5/10!
(It drags a little in the middle)

And the Special goes over the top 10 moments, superlatives, and many NG's along with some backstage interviewing. Really nice ^^

**Omo, Big Bang's parody is really funny!
**Plus, if you watch it with Viki, the comments are hilarious and let you know you're not the only one sitting on the computer all day laughing/crying/sitting to yourself haha

Side note: Hyun Bin is an AMAZING actor. I hope he's doing well in the military!! I'm now a fan of him haha, but seriously! When he and Ra Im were switched, it was almost like a light switch turned on and off in his head. His eyes looked different, and he really acted the part! Same with Ha Ji Won - kudos girl!! She's an amazing actress, the two of them together were able to successfully mimic each other and have great, believable on-screen chemistry.

So, hope everyone had a great Turkey day!! If you missed Black Friday, don't miss Cyber Monday!! Many online stores have discounts  right now still.
With that...I should go do my Spanish project, Japanese homework, and practice my Clarinet. Things I've been putting off (along with sleep) to watch SG =P

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Random things from Japan~

My mom recently went on a business trip there, and picked some things up for my sisters and I along with snacks =D
The Hello Kitty Tin had cookies in it with some creme in the middle - soo yummy<3  And lots of green tea flavored things - the Kit Kats are actually really good and the little Green Tea cake tastes are really good too!
I also really like getting random wrappers so I can practice reading haha

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

City Hunter DVD Boxset!! And Halloween <|=^)

City Hunter is getting a North American Boxset release in December!!!
I LOVEEE that drama!! And it comes out near christmas, haha you know what I'm gonna be asking for!!

And for Halloween I dressed up in a Panda Kigurumi, next year I think I migh do Minnie Mouse or something. Kigurumi wasn't too bad though,and it covers quite a bit more than most teenage girl costumes(might I say...).

1 week of Marching Band left!!