Tuesday, December 28, 2010

You're Beautiful - Korean Drama (some spoilage)

Just finished last episode. It was such a tear jerker!

So, the whole idea of the drama is that Go Mi Nam (a orphan and twin) is going to join pop idol group A. N. Jell. However, he needs to go the the States for surgery, so his manager calls in his twin sister (training to be a nun) to replace him for a month.

Let just say.


I can't get the ending out of my head though!! I keep thinking of the scene - it was over so quickly!! And how the thing they love most hurt them a ton, gah they need a second season with them together and more joking.

Overall, it really is an amazing drama. It's hilarious with serious bits until the last episode, which I personally found a deeply emotional and well acted episode.

Jeremy is soo cute and funny though!! I think I'll listen to FT Island now =D

Gee, I watched 8 episodes in one day. I wish I had prolonged it ToT I though we were leaving ot the mountains today and not tommorow so I made sure to finish it, but then discovered we weren't leaving till tomorow! How rudee xD

Go Mi Nam/ Go Mi Nyu (doublecast as the protagonist twins - you hardly ever see the real Go Mi Nam - probably cause they don't wanna make it TOO obvious, and her feminity would take away from any scene involving just him probably)
cast by Park ShinHye:

Very naive way of thinking, but sees the good in everything. Though, when it comes to situations she thinks of the worst scenario - causing tons of miscommunications in their love squares/triangles. She was training to be a Nun but ended up secretly replacing her twin brother. Of course, keeping this a secret to the guys is a key factor (even though they find out later xD)
In the end, once she can get over her mom , she and Tae Kyung are pretty much a couple after all the pain they've caused each other is healed. (aww how sweet ^-^)

Tae Kyung by Jang Geun Seok
(BAHAHAHA couldn't resist. Pig Bunny surgery!)

( Spends a majority of his time with his face like this)
(Calls for a .gif but i dunno how to make one Dx hilarious scene though xD )
Firstly, when he's not all PO'd looking, he's uber hot. Espiecially when he smiles =D

But overall a very cynical man - Neat freak, semi-controlling, egotistical, sour , no play man. However, once you delve into his past you can see his broken inside from having a broken childhood from his mom. And is secretly thoughtful and caring.

Before he and Go Mi Nams huge "fiasco", they made quite the cute couple ^-^ But the thing is, it takes nearly 2 episodes for them to reconcile because he can't really comfort her, when its him she needs comforting about. The seperating bit of them was really well thought out imo because as much as they love each other, they need Time. Unfortunatly, that creates uber suspenseful scenes that lead to a 7 minute light-hearted ending that is really sweet and good -.-

Due to his pride, there's also a lot of miscommunication in the love squares and triangles of this drama. It also causes him to almost lose Go Mi Nyu forever.

Kang Shin Woo by Jung Yong Hwa

He's such a gentleman. Maybe a bit too much, but I wouldn't mind a man like Shin Woo! haha

Overall, the more quite, reserved one. He levels out between Tae Kyung's arrogance and Jeremy's craziness.

Confesses his love for Go Mi Nyu but overall gets rejected. His face is terribly sad a majority of the time, because it'd end up that she'd be one step away from him then something random would come up and she'd never know it was him helping her with everything. Sigh

Jeremy played by Lee Hong Ki

He's ADORABLE!! Just sayin..

Upbeat, positive, bright, always smiling. He's really a comic relief to the drama - and does so in a pretty good way imo. Thumbss up! haha

Confesses his love for Go Mi Nyu and is rejected as well. His was rather heart wrenching though as he cry sang a song for her D'= That was a truly amazing scene. You can't really fake that acting!

So... lime, yellow, or black? =D

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!! + Nobuta wo Produce review

Happy birthday Jesus(= I'm thankful for the many good things that come through this life! Today was good too - got some good gifts =D

Also, I finished Nobuta wo Produce. It's BEAUTIFUL! It was hard for me to get through at first, but the last few episodes really brings it together. It's helped me determine friendship (I've been having a hard time with that recently) Society has definitly changed the meaning, and the scool change as of this year has been hard because a majority of my true friends I now don't get to see everyday. But, when I do, it feels like we never spent time apart. Love this drama <3 Amazing moral - it creates feelings you have to experience, not be told.

It's so real in th begining with all the hardships and how people interact iwth one another, but how certain things or endings bring communities together. And truly, classrooms become a community with all these people, who may not remember you for life, but atleast right now.

Likee they said, maybe life is a game, the winner is who get's the most joy out of it.

Horikita Maki is in this one too!! And Kamanashi Kazuya (KAT-TUN member!), and Yamashita Tomhisa. Nice casting, and acting imho!

The ending where they're together is amazing(=

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hana Kimi (Japan) ~Spoiler if you haven't watched it!~

So, I've been hearing tons about dramas lately, so I looked up a popular one people liked and watched it.

I must say.

It took me about 4 days or so to get through it all (13 episodes) and it was so good!

The main gist of it is Mizuki Ashiya was nearly killed in America by some wanna-be-G'ss (haha) when talented high jumper Izumi Sano saved her and got hurt in the process. She blamed herself for him having to stop high jump and dresses as a boy to attends his crazy all boy high school to get him to start again. During which, the love triangle of where Mikuzki and Sano fall in love, but Nakatsu falls in love with Mizuki too! Poor guy

~Spoiling time!~

The 3 Dorms is really where it all takes place. Good acting, HOT GUYS (just saying) (and the girl who plays Mizuki is gorgeous!! Andd you wonder why girls are always self conscious!! haha), hilarious, and romance!!

Mentionable names or people:
Mizuki Ashiya: Protagonist. Eventually gets found out and has to leave before graduation, but is acted out amazingly!! And shes too pretty for boy hair >.<>

Izumi Sano: (HOTTTT) Lead guy. He starts high jumping again, and he and Mizuki fall in love!! They only kiss once in the series, causee NAKATSU STOPPED THEM in the special! haha

Nakatsu: Hilarious (and HOTTT) character! He starts having feelings for Mizuki and wonders if he's "homo" but the realizes shes a girl. Poor guy never had a chance
Nanba: (HOTT) Dorm 2 head - aka their's ^^ and more mentionable peoples dorm head.

Then there's everyone else, Dorm 3 and 1 were very comical and added nicely to the emotional balance during suspense scenes.

Overall - I hope this doesn't get me addicted to dramas now!! haha

And, now that all day guard has ended and schools out, ITS OFFICIALLY WINTER BREAKK!!! =D

Friday, December 3, 2010

Natural Skin


So, not to say anything, but, my skins pretty great!<3 great ="D">

Morning: -Wash face with Water

Night: -Wash face with a Honey,Sugar,Olive Oil mixture
-After hot shower, rub lemon on my face

And I alternate using Lemon as a toner, and a Milk mask every other week or so. Whenever I run out of lemons really ;D

The thing is, if you just use water(this Soompier calls it the caveman regimen.) (I cant cause I still use light makeup daily. The point of it is to not use any makeup, but I don't wanna od that till the summer xD),

-For the first month your skin really clears up of any acne.

-However, for the 2-4 months or so following, depending on amount of chemicals in your skin, the purge really begins. Your skin pushes out all the chemicals and toxins you don't need, restoring your acid barrier and ph levels to its natural state.

-But, after all that and your skin is completly detoxed from deep within, your skin will naturally take care of itself. Sure, you'll get a pimple now and then, but it'll take care of ITSELF within hours! Your skins an organ and it's meant to be abloe to take care of itself and horomones, without the chemicals.

I'll show results when everythings cleared up from Marching Band summer mayhem. I still have a pretty dark tanline xD

Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

Leh goo!!
I have $50 for clothes ;D eep
Family pictureday too -.-
But either way, it's funny how we eat so much on Thanksgiving and work it all off the next day xD
Adioss - i'll lyk how it works out ;D

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful for...


This is the one time of year everyone can look back, and really be thankful for everything they have others don't.

Anddd I don't know about yall, but the awkward family gatherings are definitly worth the ham,stuffing,potatoes,pie, macnchesse, casserale's at the end of the day ;D

Then Black Friday shopping!!! Lehhg goo!

-Giving me an individual life
-Guiding me through it
-Parents - no matter how bad it'll get atleast I have them
-Loving and caring friends

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Car Accident!

Thank god everyones okay though =O

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Holaa there;

Life's been good. Family troubles will alwyas be there I guess but you just have to learn to live - but not forget so you don't repeat them with your family.

Last night spent the night at my friends house - hadn't seen that girl in ages!! I really do miss her and all my other friends there<3>
We were gonna go paintballing this morning with some other people I haven't seen in ages but unfortunatly the forecast didnt agree >.< ; so none of the girls went and half the guys didnt go - but there's always next months newbie weekend (its like $5 all day!!) and they. will. go. down! =P

So instead, we went to the mall with her mom and one of her brothers and roamed and window shopped. I must say, over the course of today I have had so much chocolate it aint even funny xD We went to Applebees afterwards for lunch;;yummm(:
Then when I got home my Dad had gone to his friends (I've never understood male bonding - all you need is a couple of beers and Saturday football) and my mom needed to run a few errands - so my sister and I decided to run to the strip across the street and do some shopping there. I was looking for boots and some peep-toe heeled boot black shoes (which of course I found for over what I could pay -.-). Maybe some sweaters too - I've never really had a winter wardrobe. Needless to say - I didn't really find much of either. (Oh and afterwards we went to Champps. I'm so healthy ;D )

But here's what I did get~
^You know, I found some nice jeans (the one time I wasn't looking for some)
^ So I didn't find any good everyday-or-cold-weather-boots-or-shoes; but I couldn't pass up the Hello Kitty slippers. Purple, cheetah, Hello Kitty? Yes mamm(:
-Some plum gel liner - I've heard a ton about it and it was $4 at Five Below.
-Cupcake socks :D
-Apparently it's a juicy thing. It was uber cheap at Platos closet and reminded me of this Yesstyle.com shirt I had wanted. Random words though =\
-I have no long sleeve shirts - and they grey bleached design also reminded me of this thing of yesstyle.com
-grey tanktop
-my friend(different one ) got me some pajama pants at a garage sale - isn't that nice? love that girll<3

I hadn't been shopping in forever, or experienced the wonderful junkfood you seem to accumulate walking through the mall. Hohumm later yall~
(Enjoying no bandd; it's been a week off and I can focus on grades more and stuff. )

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Competition numero tres!

Competition yesterday!
Only one left....
I regret not going out to dinner afterwards with the upperclassmen;i didnt want to feel out of place or anything cause they were pretty much all seniors, also no moeny and i didnt want to ask for a ride either. but with only one or two more oppurtunities, i want to go! they're my friends and like, D:
but i love you guys! <3
Its gonna be se different next year without the seniors, and ill be considered expierinced. I soooo could dare less if marching band puts my social status down, its given me a ton of family. Not lame friends who you talk to only when you sit next to them; but friends that have seen my at my worst, at my best, after an 8am to 8 pm practice all stinky and sweaty, all nice looking on my way to school, have shared food or money with me so i could eat, who've made me laugh on a daily basis, who think i look good in my glasses when i dont think i do, who've taught me so much this year.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Workout Makeup/Sweat proof + Randomness

Ill update with a picture laterr;

but with practices in the summer, and feeling naked without makeup in public (anyone else like this?) i had to come up with a way to look like im not wearing makeup, but to cover up any skin issues, and enhance what your momma gave you.

So! This look wont sweat off unless (like yesterday) the heat index is above 105.

Start with a clean face pleasee!! Ik we all hate getting up at 6am for your 7 oclock practice, but washing really does help. Tone, and moisturize (i use aloe when i know im going to be sweating later)

1.)BB cream! Missha M Perfect Cover has spf 40, and also is the only bb cream ive used so i cant reccomend another one, but this one really does work. It has great coverage and really does what it says. Then powder;;actually just do your preferred skin care. But this tend to work great and takes 2 seconds.

2. Tight line your eyes - using wter proof liner! I found rimmel london works well ands cheap. Just be sure to use a little line - too much and the extra just runs.
Extra: If you have blue eyes,try a dark blue. Green, dark green. Brown, use black orr dark brown - basicly take your color and find the closest thing to black in it(: It really brings out any color in your eyes or makes them shine.

3. White eyeliner!! Itll help keep the top in place, and make your eyes so much brighter.

4.Mascara timee - your gonna need to use a water proof one. The yellow volumizing Maybelline NewYork (Volume Express?) works well.

Hair in a pony and your sett!!(: No shadows,etc. Eyebrows - stay away from shadows but if you need to fill yours in then do your best to make it lightt.This makeup helps make you look pretty - but no one can scoff at you for wearing makeup, and it wont just sweat right off. Save the bottom eyeliner for school - or if practice is after school then you might factor that into your makeup routine in the morning.

Have fun at the gym, running, sweating, being part of the team. Cause remember, your only as strong as your weakest link(:

PS if you have a sunburn,use cold water and use aloe as a moistruizer - but i wouldnt use toner! it dries my skin out - but whatever floats your boat(: Sunscreen is soo important for your skin! I normally hide from the sun if i can to protect my skin, but you obviously cant do that if you have practice. So suck it up, take the tan youll inevitably get butt using uva/uvb protection will help(:

Monday, August 9, 2010

ViViD going majorr!!

ViViD's going major!!! = D seems alot of people are now lol happy for them!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Ayabie has disbanded. D= D= D=

They were the second japanese band (and vkei) that i ever discovered, with their single TheMe.
Aitakute... Rikkaboshi is always on my mp3 playerr.
And their newest single Dramatic, the song Kimi Dake wo Utsushite would get stuck in my head all dayy. They are.. were.. one of my top 3 bands.)=

I mean, i kinda wondered what was gonna happen once Aoi went solo. Everyones gonna continue as a band, and Aoi has gone solo... i like their pre-major work, and love their major work. But i guess if its best for them, its best for them. Goshh.....this kinda got me in a >:\ mood now.>.< Hope both people will continue to do well.

Other than that.....
Band Camp was amazing! You cant really sum it up..you find yourself dripping sweat, rooming with a girl you barely know but by the end of the week are best friends. Your musical ability builds, your calves grow twice their size, you lose 5 pounds, people are dropping like flies off the field when the heat index reached 105, you become a part of this big group of people, while keeping your own little group. You meet all the seniors, juniors, and sophmores and can become friends with them without getting a wtf look. You work your butt off to discover the food is terrible. You wake up at 6 am and go to sleep after midnight, your other roomate in the conjoined room across the bathroom takes hour long showers so you come up with plans to get it before her. You just......ahhh it was definatly a fun expierince.

Plus..TAX FREE WEEKEND!!!(= Loaded up on some binders, paper, and clothes!!!! I just got a few camis, a pair of sweatpants, 3 pairs of jeans (spent 28$ for 3 pair - good deal no?), and some acessories. OH! and this black studded vest - think Minzy in 2NE1's I dont care vid, except it doesnt have lego like blocks over it. I don't have a single thing like it lol - ill probably wear it sparingly. Maybe going shopping today too - i have basic school supplies though and the teachers havent sent their seperate lists...so guess ill just use common sense for it haha.
My schedule kinda stinks D= Core classes, PE, Seminar, and Band. =\ And at the freshman orientation thing (its called Cats camp...its basically three hours of touring the school and meeting other freshman.) was sorta useful - but none of my marching band friends or older school friends had the same classes as me.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


For anyone on the east coast;;SuG TV is airing tonight at 9pm. Lol, but in Japan, its 10 am.
Can't waitt~

Thursday, July 15, 2010


So this new band Black Cat looks like its gonna be amazing :D
their single "Resurection of the color blue" (i think) is realesing 7/25
blehh but because their new i think its only gonna be released at their shows, and they wouldnt sip internatinoally anyway)x
but the guitarist has the same bday as me :D (9/30)
hahaha check out their 30 second clip on their hp:
they look like their gonna be amazing!! cause i love their look,music, and the singers voicee
ah well\= i'll wait a few years for them to get more fans lol
oohh maybe cdjapan has something
(they all have amebas if you look under profile - no pics yet though except a group one so idk whose who for guitar)x
The music sounds really good considering they started in april. Clothing and hair is very visual kei;i didnt see any too extreme makeup on them in the video. Overall very nice affect.

Another band; MASQUERADE
their not new ;they've actually been around for like 3 years
loveee their single pisera x pisera :D all their songs are pretty cool though lol
thats their YT;they have a video adverstising for their live in september. they should come to america =D
and thats their web

they released a new single Sweet Rain Ruby Sky 7/7 and im pretty sure thats the song they used in their concert ad video on their channel. id def. go check them out yall ;D

Their music is kinda pop,rock,electronic. its a very unique sound though;and its just the two of them as official members of the band, Hayato (Vo.) and Kei (Guitar).
You cant really tell from their cd cover, but, clothing wise, its very visual kei =D yayy hahaha makeup wise though its pretty natural. Both use circle lenses, but no crazy makeup .
They both have amebas and gree(<-- never heard of gree till now xD) if u look at their profiles. Their website is pretty modern/good(:

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

彩冷える- 会いたくて ~ これは歌手のあまいとてもです(:

彩冷える- 会いたくて ~ これは歌手のあまいとてもです.((:
ayabie - aitakute - this singer is tooo sweet.(:

my japanese is def. improving considering i started studying Tae Kim's guide. His lessons are for much more modern talk;the place i go the child teacher (if your highschool or younger) teaches formal japanese =\ but the adult teacher teaches more modern? lol my teacher still says wo instead of o! hahaha but shes a good teacher

Ayabie!!Love them from before they were major; and now. I think their styles are both so different, you can't really compare pop and indie vk.  It's an honor for an artist to go major, and lets them get easier acess
to venues,etc.
Same with THE KIDDIE. (Their quality of music, while slightly changed, is still good!) I'd kill for any merchandise haha. I really want a kiddie shirt =\
I'e translated all of mikus twitter recently on my LJ
Edit: ayabies irodori live shows,  0010101.
Aoi has an incredible voice range - and a truly amazing and unique one at that.

Monday, July 12, 2010

World Cup =\

Also, im kinda scared to post this..
But the world cup was yesterday right? for all soccer fans (so the whole world except me and half of america) this was a huge deal.
the world comes together, everyones happy,sharing food and cheering for their team.
But when bombs go off in Uganda, 74 are dead in a Ethiopian restaraunt. Atleast 1 american is dead, and the other 73 are all natives.
...R.I.P. those 74. You shouldn't have had to die.

The american? his family is in my county. his brother almost died when his plan crashed on the way to Nate's funeral.

Cause one day, we'll all live in a world were we won't have to see World Trade Centers fall, subways almost blow up, headlines aren't Pakistan death toll in recent bombing rises from 76 to 111. Were a time of coming together as humans all around the world is ended with 74 dead. Were the people I know aren't here one day, fighting in war, to being another number in a bomb death toll the next.
One day, right?

Whitening Milk Mask

^Clear, smooth, light. Who doesn't want Park Bom's beautiful skin?

Wassup everyone! its been a while since i've done anything beauty related,so figured i'd update everyone because i lit. did this two seconds ago xD

But have you ever gotton too dark a tan;or unwanted freckles?? I mean, of cuorse theres all those brands outthere (skinfood,missha,etc.) that sell millions of whitening products, which can get pretty pricey. So heres a little DIY whitening idea for you(;

For spot (if you want to lighten just freckles,birthmarks,etc.):

~Q tip
~Milk(it doesn't matter particularly what % of fat is in it;all milk has lactic acid which is the main whitening ingredient)
~Little Bowl - sauce bowls work well,etc.
~15 minutes

~Pour some milk into the bowl
~take the qtip, dip it into the milk, and put it on the freckles, birthmarks, and/or this even lightens undereye bags (don't get clsoe to your eyeball,but going along the edge of the purple is okay)(: just put it where you want to lighten
~Wait about 10 or 15 minutes - u know ur skin and how much you want to lighten it
~Wash off

For a mask(never done one before - but in theory this should work):
~Compressed paper mask (post link later)

~Put the comp. paper mask on a plate
~Follow the directions - which is put desired items on mask. So pour the milk on the mask and wait for it to absorb in
~Use the mask
~Wait 10-15 minute
~Take the mask off and rinse your face

It's so easy and effective..why NOT try it?? Granted, it may take a few tries to go shades lighter,I noticed my freckles become lighter in one use;within a few uses they wont be noticable at all almost! And my under eyes weren't so purple - in one use. Also;;it tightens skin - so seriously - why not?(:

Tip: Feel free to add lemon (citric acid),honey,etc. to the mask. id avoid oils in this case though - just cause im pretty sure milk is water based, and water and oil have a different cell bond - causing them to not stir together...at all lol

Warning: Remember;skin whitening is done with acid;and in this case lactic acid. So keep that in mind.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Always remove your makeup

It's unsanitary and can lead to eye styes >.<

Friday, July 2, 2010

Ayabie - Kimi wo dakishimete utsushite

OMFGOMFGOMFG if i ever meet a boy like aoi or yumehito i would probably pass out.
they are just too too too too tooo cutee/amazing!! god its times like these i wish there were boys like this here>.< leaving for the beach tommorow - see yall in a week(:

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


You know Tora from Alice Nine?? seems hes in ANOTHER session band!! haha there was apparently a contest to have a PSC dream band;;;and the line up is
Vo. (SuG) Takeru
Gu. (SCREW) Manabu
Gu. (Alice Nine) Tora
Ba. (ViViD) Iv
Dr. (Kra) Yasuno

lol you had no idea how many screenshots i had to take so you could see Iv. Hes so tinyy!! xD but not as small as keiyuu xDD

i LOVEEE all these bands...but ive never actually listened to Kra. I know no one reads this blog...but imma still ask if anyone has a song reccomendation for it them lol

For those of you that don't know these PSC bands, check out these songs by them
SuG - Love Scream Party or Life2die
SCREW - Gather roses is the only song i know of them..but it doesnt have a very appropraite themm... :\
Alice Nine - Velvet, Blue Planet, or Sleepwalker
ViViD - 69 II, or Across the Border
Kra - .....never listened to them before but ill check them out and get back to you guys(:

But its a one time thing and heres their youtube video(:

ill update more once i found out more!!

sorryy;;this is random lol but i hate having a bajillion posts form one day
right before thunderstorms
when the chill slowly creeps into your house and skin
the lights dim outside
the trees sway
and the yellowing leaves twirl in the air
its really pretty relaxing
then the thunder sounds
its like outside has its own show goin on

for some reason, a picture i took today of me reminded me of one Shou (alice nine) posted on his blog in the past week or something

so jealous of his nosee >.<>

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Animazment Day 3 - NOIZ Q&A and DDR

going into detail nao so dont keep reading if you dont wanna hear some fangirling Kotaru(Main Gtr)Blue ; Yamato(Drum) Green ; Kyou(Ba.)Purple ; Taka(Vo.) Pink ; Masato(Vo.2/Gtr.2): Orange
(i used still shots from their videos on youtube;no illegal pictures were taken during the concert)

Their whole concept is that they come from another planet and come make peace to earth through live shows lol.

kay so i went to anamazment pretty early at 10 to be there for their q&a. and this of course ensued some weird questions.. one girl asked if she could touch masatos stomach...he is SUCHH a pervv!! so is taka haha their response to alot of things was naked!! and he also let my friend touch his stomach!! haha i asked one of the few serious quetions "Do yall play any other instruments and why do you play the instruments you do now" All of them can play the other instruments okay, and most wanted to play guitar. Yamato plays drum because of jakkenpon xD Kotaru looked realyyy tired the whole time, all of them did (excpet Taka) Kyou i couldnt tell though cause of his contacts haha.
One of the questions was something like "How does it feel to be famous" and they were like... we're not famous yet. they are to mee thoughh! they dont realize they made my YEAR by just hugging one of them!! haha
Gosh,at this rate if i ever saw An Cafe or Ayabie or Alice Nine live i would faint or something lol

They dont play DDR very well. xD There was a tournament and they spent more time running around dancingg (which was hilarious haha) ( some of the sutff they did is stuff you would do when you hang out with your friends) and this one guy started break dancing after he beasted Kotaru and Kotaru layed on his stomach and tried imitating him. haha it was soo cutee/funnyy!!And the MC's were hilarious. NOIZ was hilarious too!! ahh maybe one day ill grow up and be part of tech crew for concerts or something hahaha idk what else to do
MC1: "Sorry guys, staff said this is NOIZ's last round. They're not invincible." Crowd " Yes they are!!" MC2 "Dude, you just siad the wrong thing to the wrong crowd. They're probably gonna mob you the secodn this is over now"

They really did do a good job at their concerts!!! They have an AMAZING stage prescence.


animazment was good besides that thoughh!! i got some stuff, a few cure magazines, my first cd, a hello kitty hat (it was an in the moment thing) im happy!! and still have some money left!!
imma be sad to see them goo)): I didnt excpect him to be my height though. im like 5'2" or so.

heres the website: uchusentainoiz.com
and on yt they are: NOIZthemovie
ameba: ameblo.jp/uchusentainoiz/

And they ran out of dvds and shirts, so i couldnt get one signedd))): but my friend gave me the photo Kotaro signed for her!!!! WOOO!! hes my favv((: yamato is close behind, then masato/taka/kyou (they all tie)

Its been a good weekend(:
but now so much homeowrk...ugh

RIP Junko Furuta - i just found out about this and its TERRIBLE!!

Edit: NOIZ has a bunch of videos from Animazment on their yt (NOIZthemovie) and on their HP.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Anamazement 2010 Day 2 - and 2nd NOIZ concert

(Pictures from all three days, there were some really good cosplayers!! I just used the photos that were co-operating with Paint haha)

So today was at anamazment againn!!
there were some really good cosplayers
so i saw my friend kim and we talked a little
then i saw my friend brandon and james in the dealers room. and there was this REALLY hot Squall Leon from FFX and i turned around to them and was like "he is HOTTT" and so brandon pushes me like right into him (this guys atleast out of highschool prob. already) and landed into hugging him and he said "Hey" and i was lie "Hey i just thought you were hot."......did NOT mean to say that!! haha
Also in the dealers room NOIZ was signing stuff but i didnt see any mroe dvd's ): and i didnt want to pay $25 for a shirt )): REALLY hoping tommorow i can go and buy a dvd and get it signed!! the band is just tooo!!! sweet! though some of the stuff they said is very..ermm...haha
and got my frist jrock cd (by the band that started it al ine me, AN CAFE!!! it was one of there new ones, but atleasti ts something!! and got my frst cure magazinee!! from '06 ): but it was $5 and has most of my fav bands in itt!!! woo!)
and went to uchuu sentai NOIZ's second concert!! it was much more of a mosh pitt):) but thank you random moderate-muscle guy. these two guys came in front of us and started moshing WAYY too extreme (there foot was elbow height on me..im pretty short but still!!) i know its a rock concert but geezz
i also wanna thank him for keeping, as bubzbeauty would say, the persistant "hip thrusting" guy off of me. gosh. HT is a PEDOOO
The concert was good thoughh!! despite a few people, it was reallly good! my friend caught Yamatos drumstick!!! i was so close to getting itt)): but yamato is her favorite so im happy for her haha
the convention was cool thoughh!

Friday, May 28, 2010

uchuu sentai NOIZ CONCERT!!

(this picture is from last year at animazment, i couldnt find one online of what they wore at this years concerts):
so we all lined up and the line was over 2 floors longg!!! we were on the second floor):
but when we got in, i remember being like wow!! and talking to the random people next to me
then one by one, they came out, the music making my heart pound and slowly deafening me haha it was AMAZING!! I was about the third row of people back on the side near Masato,Kyou and Taka. not Kotaru(my fav) :( im not complaining though!! haha
it was a fun filed 2 hours of fist pumping,head banging (a little) and jumpingg up and down
and i swear at opne point this guy smiled at mee!!! (one of them on there)
Just sayin
if you dont like some of their pv's
DEF. dont judge just on that
they have one of the best stage prescences EVERR!!
and kotaro can SHREDD. i wonder how much and long hes practiced haha he must never sleep to be that good. fast fingers and that muscle memory takes so long to work on. hes nutss!!
they're all so crazy!! haha
now im so tired
and my calves hurt lol
but this is really the only reason i go to Anamazment (besisdes the fact its not even half na hour away)
to stalk the bandss(:
So i saw them last year too, but i was on the side in the back cause we got there like right before it started.They are so nice!! love themm!! Half their music was fist pumpy and the otehr half was head banging type. ahhh it was fun thoughh
more stalking today at their next concertt((: (if my body lets me though haha, my calves hurt insanelyy!!)
may be doing a ganguro inspired thing today?? not sure, will decide in the next hour prob. lol
Editt agian-
Masato and Angel took both their shirts off at both shows haha
and both times he mentioned his pokeballs..again..haha last years concert he said something about his "pokemon"
Masato probably has the best stage prescence
Kyo headbangs the most :P
Angel Taka's voice carries and is good in my opinion
Kotaro has some pretty sick skills
and Yamato is the bands level of musicality, i wish you could see drummers more but you really cant): he had like 2 bass drums, 6 symbols and idk he was hooked up thuogh haha hes improved since last year though def. I think i prefer this year over last year, but last year i has no clue about who they were,etc.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Schools been stressfull...i can just sense my GPA falling with every day. but ive maintained all A's so far so cant be doing too bad!! have so much work i need to get done though in a matter of 5 hours >.<>
from Pretty and Cute : (love this store!!)
Collagen mask:

They're one time use and i only got one D': but they work AMAZING! almost completly got rid of undereye problems!

Pen liquid liner:

worked okayy...but you have to like stab your skin for it to work at all!! so not rebuying it.

Shimmer stick:

i actually bought this because my other one was running low. love them! only bad thing is if they smudge your whole eye area looks sparkly and the cap is such a tight fit...it bit the top off!!

Missha BB cream:

Love love LOVE this stuff. bought #23 the first time, and #21 recently because they were outta stock. ive found that #21 gives more coverage though. its a bit pale though so i mix it with a tinyy bit of #23 and its perfect!! and is spf 42!! great!! except i dont put sunscreen on my body daily so i look two toned sometimes D: haha def. love this!!

Lip Color Stick thing: Perfect hime nude lips! except after the first few uses it isnt as nuda a color - its pink underneath. not what i was expecting
Rhinestones : decorr, nails, idk =P they were a really good price thuogh!!
shopping makes me happyy hahaha