Wednesday, June 23, 2010


You know Tora from Alice Nine?? seems hes in ANOTHER session band!! haha there was apparently a contest to have a PSC dream band;;;and the line up is
Vo. (SuG) Takeru
Gu. (SCREW) Manabu
Gu. (Alice Nine) Tora
Ba. (ViViD) Iv
Dr. (Kra) Yasuno

lol you had no idea how many screenshots i had to take so you could see Iv. Hes so tinyy!! xD but not as small as keiyuu xDD

i LOVEEE all these bands...but ive never actually listened to Kra. I know no one reads this blog...but imma still ask if anyone has a song reccomendation for it them lol

For those of you that don't know these PSC bands, check out these songs by them
SuG - Love Scream Party or Life2die
SCREW - Gather roses is the only song i know of them..but it doesnt have a very appropraite themm... :\
Alice Nine - Velvet, Blue Planet, or Sleepwalker
ViViD - 69 II, or Across the Border
Kra - .....never listened to them before but ill check them out and get back to you guys(:

But its a one time thing and heres their youtube video(:

ill update more once i found out more!!

sorryy;;this is random lol but i hate having a bajillion posts form one day
right before thunderstorms
when the chill slowly creeps into your house and skin
the lights dim outside
the trees sway
and the yellowing leaves twirl in the air
its really pretty relaxing
then the thunder sounds
its like outside has its own show goin on

for some reason, a picture i took today of me reminded me of one Shou (alice nine) posted on his blog in the past week or something

so jealous of his nosee >.<>

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