Sunday, May 30, 2010

Animazment Day 3 - NOIZ Q&A and DDR

going into detail nao so dont keep reading if you dont wanna hear some fangirling Kotaru(Main Gtr)Blue ; Yamato(Drum) Green ; Kyou(Ba.)Purple ; Taka(Vo.) Pink ; Masato(Vo.2/Gtr.2): Orange
(i used still shots from their videos on youtube;no illegal pictures were taken during the concert)

Their whole concept is that they come from another planet and come make peace to earth through live shows lol.

kay so i went to anamazment pretty early at 10 to be there for their q&a. and this of course ensued some weird questions.. one girl asked if she could touch masatos stomach...he is SUCHH a pervv!! so is taka haha their response to alot of things was naked!! and he also let my friend touch his stomach!! haha i asked one of the few serious quetions "Do yall play any other instruments and why do you play the instruments you do now" All of them can play the other instruments okay, and most wanted to play guitar. Yamato plays drum because of jakkenpon xD Kotaru looked realyyy tired the whole time, all of them did (excpet Taka) Kyou i couldnt tell though cause of his contacts haha.
One of the questions was something like "How does it feel to be famous" and they were like... we're not famous yet. they are to mee thoughh! they dont realize they made my YEAR by just hugging one of them!! haha
Gosh,at this rate if i ever saw An Cafe or Ayabie or Alice Nine live i would faint or something lol

They dont play DDR very well. xD There was a tournament and they spent more time running around dancingg (which was hilarious haha) ( some of the sutff they did is stuff you would do when you hang out with your friends) and this one guy started break dancing after he beasted Kotaru and Kotaru layed on his stomach and tried imitating him. haha it was soo cutee/funnyy!!And the MC's were hilarious. NOIZ was hilarious too!! ahh maybe one day ill grow up and be part of tech crew for concerts or something hahaha idk what else to do
MC1: "Sorry guys, staff said this is NOIZ's last round. They're not invincible." Crowd " Yes they are!!" MC2 "Dude, you just siad the wrong thing to the wrong crowd. They're probably gonna mob you the secodn this is over now"

They really did do a good job at their concerts!!! They have an AMAZING stage prescence.


animazment was good besides that thoughh!! i got some stuff, a few cure magazines, my first cd, a hello kitty hat (it was an in the moment thing) im happy!! and still have some money left!!
imma be sad to see them goo)): I didnt excpect him to be my height though. im like 5'2" or so.

heres the website:
and on yt they are: NOIZthemovie

And they ran out of dvds and shirts, so i couldnt get one signedd))): but my friend gave me the photo Kotaro signed for her!!!! WOOO!! hes my favv((: yamato is close behind, then masato/taka/kyou (they all tie)

Its been a good weekend(:
but now so much homeowrk...ugh

RIP Junko Furuta - i just found out about this and its TERRIBLE!!

Edit: NOIZ has a bunch of videos from Animazment on their yt (NOIZthemovie) and on their HP.

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