Friday, May 28, 2010

uchuu sentai NOIZ CONCERT!!

(this picture is from last year at animazment, i couldnt find one online of what they wore at this years concerts):
so we all lined up and the line was over 2 floors longg!!! we were on the second floor):
but when we got in, i remember being like wow!! and talking to the random people next to me
then one by one, they came out, the music making my heart pound and slowly deafening me haha it was AMAZING!! I was about the third row of people back on the side near Masato,Kyou and Taka. not Kotaru(my fav) :( im not complaining though!! haha
it was a fun filed 2 hours of fist pumping,head banging (a little) and jumpingg up and down
and i swear at opne point this guy smiled at mee!!! (one of them on there)
Just sayin
if you dont like some of their pv's
DEF. dont judge just on that
they have one of the best stage prescences EVERR!!
and kotaro can SHREDD. i wonder how much and long hes practiced haha he must never sleep to be that good. fast fingers and that muscle memory takes so long to work on. hes nutss!!
they're all so crazy!! haha
now im so tired
and my calves hurt lol
but this is really the only reason i go to Anamazment (besisdes the fact its not even half na hour away)
to stalk the bandss(:
So i saw them last year too, but i was on the side in the back cause we got there like right before it started.They are so nice!! love themm!! Half their music was fist pumpy and the otehr half was head banging type. ahhh it was fun thoughh
more stalking today at their next concertt((: (if my body lets me though haha, my calves hurt insanelyy!!)
may be doing a ganguro inspired thing today?? not sure, will decide in the next hour prob. lol
Editt agian-
Masato and Angel took both their shirts off at both shows haha
and both times he mentioned his pokeballs..again..haha last years concert he said something about his "pokemon"
Masato probably has the best stage prescence
Kyo headbangs the most :P
Angel Taka's voice carries and is good in my opinion
Kotaro has some pretty sick skills
and Yamato is the bands level of musicality, i wish you could see drummers more but you really cant): he had like 2 bass drums, 6 symbols and idk he was hooked up thuogh haha hes improved since last year though def. I think i prefer this year over last year, but last year i has no clue about who they were,etc.

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