Saturday, May 29, 2010

Anamazement 2010 Day 2 - and 2nd NOIZ concert

(Pictures from all three days, there were some really good cosplayers!! I just used the photos that were co-operating with Paint haha)

So today was at anamazment againn!!
there were some really good cosplayers
so i saw my friend kim and we talked a little
then i saw my friend brandon and james in the dealers room. and there was this REALLY hot Squall Leon from FFX and i turned around to them and was like "he is HOTTT" and so brandon pushes me like right into him (this guys atleast out of highschool prob. already) and landed into hugging him and he said "Hey" and i was lie "Hey i just thought you were hot."......did NOT mean to say that!! haha
Also in the dealers room NOIZ was signing stuff but i didnt see any mroe dvd's ): and i didnt want to pay $25 for a shirt )): REALLY hoping tommorow i can go and buy a dvd and get it signed!! the band is just tooo!!! sweet! though some of the stuff they said is very..ermm...haha
and got my frist jrock cd (by the band that started it al ine me, AN CAFE!!! it was one of there new ones, but atleasti ts something!! and got my frst cure magazinee!! from '06 ): but it was $5 and has most of my fav bands in itt!!! woo!)
and went to uchuu sentai NOIZ's second concert!! it was much more of a mosh pitt):) but thank you random moderate-muscle guy. these two guys came in front of us and started moshing WAYY too extreme (there foot was elbow height on pretty short but still!!) i know its a rock concert but geezz
i also wanna thank him for keeping, as bubzbeauty would say, the persistant "hip thrusting" guy off of me. gosh. HT is a PEDOOO
The concert was good thoughh!! despite a few people, it was reallly good! my friend caught Yamatos drumstick!!! i was so close to getting itt)): but yamato is her favorite so im happy for her haha
the convention was cool thoughh!

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