Saturday, November 6, 2010


Holaa there;

Life's been good. Family troubles will alwyas be there I guess but you just have to learn to live - but not forget so you don't repeat them with your family.

Last night spent the night at my friends house - hadn't seen that girl in ages!! I really do miss her and all my other friends there<3>
We were gonna go paintballing this morning with some other people I haven't seen in ages but unfortunatly the forecast didnt agree >.< ; so none of the girls went and half the guys didnt go - but there's always next months newbie weekend (its like $5 all day!!) and they. will. go. down! =P

So instead, we went to the mall with her mom and one of her brothers and roamed and window shopped. I must say, over the course of today I have had so much chocolate it aint even funny xD We went to Applebees afterwards for lunch;;yummm(:
Then when I got home my Dad had gone to his friends (I've never understood male bonding - all you need is a couple of beers and Saturday football) and my mom needed to run a few errands - so my sister and I decided to run to the strip across the street and do some shopping there. I was looking for boots and some peep-toe heeled boot black shoes (which of course I found for over what I could pay -.-). Maybe some sweaters too - I've never really had a winter wardrobe. Needless to say - I didn't really find much of either. (Oh and afterwards we went to Champps. I'm so healthy ;D )

But here's what I did get~
^You know, I found some nice jeans (the one time I wasn't looking for some)
^ So I didn't find any good everyday-or-cold-weather-boots-or-shoes; but I couldn't pass up the Hello Kitty slippers. Purple, cheetah, Hello Kitty? Yes mamm(:
-Some plum gel liner - I've heard a ton about it and it was $4 at Five Below.
-Cupcake socks :D
-Apparently it's a juicy thing. It was uber cheap at Platos closet and reminded me of this shirt I had wanted. Random words though =\
-I have no long sleeve shirts - and they grey bleached design also reminded me of this thing of
-grey tanktop
-my friend(different one ) got me some pajama pants at a garage sale - isn't that nice? love that girll<3

I hadn't been shopping in forever, or experienced the wonderful junkfood you seem to accumulate walking through the mall. Hohumm later yall~
(Enjoying no bandd; it's been a week off and I can focus on grades more and stuff. )

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