Sunday, October 24, 2010

Competition numero tres!

Competition yesterday!
Only one left....
I regret not going out to dinner afterwards with the upperclassmen;i didnt want to feel out of place or anything cause they were pretty much all seniors, also no moeny and i didnt want to ask for a ride either. but with only one or two more oppurtunities, i want to go! they're my friends and like, D:
but i love you guys! <3
Its gonna be se different next year without the seniors, and ill be considered expierinced. I soooo could dare less if marching band puts my social status down, its given me a ton of family. Not lame friends who you talk to only when you sit next to them; but friends that have seen my at my worst, at my best, after an 8am to 8 pm practice all stinky and sweaty, all nice looking on my way to school, have shared food or money with me so i could eat, who've made me laugh on a daily basis, who think i look good in my glasses when i dont think i do, who've taught me so much this year.

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