Sunday, August 8, 2010


Ayabie has disbanded. D= D= D=

They were the second japanese band (and vkei) that i ever discovered, with their single TheMe.
Aitakute... Rikkaboshi is always on my mp3 playerr.
And their newest single Dramatic, the song Kimi Dake wo Utsushite would get stuck in my head all dayy. They are.. were.. one of my top 3 bands.)=

I mean, i kinda wondered what was gonna happen once Aoi went solo. Everyones gonna continue as a band, and Aoi has gone solo... i like their pre-major work, and love their major work. But i guess if its best for them, its best for them. Goshh.....this kinda got me in a >:\ mood now.>.< Hope both people will continue to do well.

Other than that.....
Band Camp was amazing! You cant really sum it find yourself dripping sweat, rooming with a girl you barely know but by the end of the week are best friends. Your musical ability builds, your calves grow twice their size, you lose 5 pounds, people are dropping like flies off the field when the heat index reached 105, you become a part of this big group of people, while keeping your own little group. You meet all the seniors, juniors, and sophmores and can become friends with them without getting a wtf look. You work your butt off to discover the food is terrible. You wake up at 6 am and go to sleep after midnight, your other roomate in the conjoined room across the bathroom takes hour long showers so you come up with plans to get it before her. You just......ahhh it was definatly a fun expierince.

Plus..TAX FREE WEEKEND!!!(= Loaded up on some binders, paper, and clothes!!!! I just got a few camis, a pair of sweatpants, 3 pairs of jeans (spent 28$ for 3 pair - good deal no?), and some acessories. OH! and this black studded vest - think Minzy in 2NE1's I dont care vid, except it doesnt have lego like blocks over it. I don't have a single thing like it lol - ill probably wear it sparingly. Maybe going shopping today too - i have basic school supplies though and the teachers havent sent their seperate guess ill just use common sense for it haha.
My schedule kinda stinks D= Core classes, PE, Seminar, and Band. =\ And at the freshman orientation thing (its called Cats camp...its basically three hours of touring the school and meeting other freshman.) was sorta useful - but none of my marching band friends or older school friends had the same classes as me.

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