Monday, July 12, 2010

Whitening Milk Mask

^Clear, smooth, light. Who doesn't want Park Bom's beautiful skin?

Wassup everyone! its been a while since i've done anything beauty related,so figured i'd update everyone because i lit. did this two seconds ago xD

But have you ever gotton too dark a tan;or unwanted freckles?? I mean, of cuorse theres all those brands outthere (skinfood,missha,etc.) that sell millions of whitening products, which can get pretty pricey. So heres a little DIY whitening idea for you(;

For spot (if you want to lighten just freckles,birthmarks,etc.):

~Q tip
~Milk(it doesn't matter particularly what % of fat is in it;all milk has lactic acid which is the main whitening ingredient)
~Little Bowl - sauce bowls work well,etc.
~15 minutes

~Pour some milk into the bowl
~take the qtip, dip it into the milk, and put it on the freckles, birthmarks, and/or this even lightens undereye bags (don't get clsoe to your eyeball,but going along the edge of the purple is okay)(: just put it where you want to lighten
~Wait about 10 or 15 minutes - u know ur skin and how much you want to lighten it
~Wash off

For a mask(never done one before - but in theory this should work):
~Compressed paper mask (post link later)

~Put the comp. paper mask on a plate
~Follow the directions - which is put desired items on mask. So pour the milk on the mask and wait for it to absorb in
~Use the mask
~Wait 10-15 minute
~Take the mask off and rinse your face

It's so easy and effective..why NOT try it?? Granted, it may take a few tries to go shades lighter,I noticed my freckles become lighter in one use;within a few uses they wont be noticable at all almost! And my under eyes weren't so purple - in one use. Also;;it tightens skin - so seriously - why not?(:

Tip: Feel free to add lemon (citric acid),honey,etc. to the mask. id avoid oils in this case though - just cause im pretty sure milk is water based, and water and oil have a different cell bond - causing them to not stir all lol

Warning: Remember;skin whitening is done with acid;and in this case lactic acid. So keep that in mind.

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