Monday, July 12, 2010

World Cup =\

Also, im kinda scared to post this..
But the world cup was yesterday right? for all soccer fans (so the whole world except me and half of america) this was a huge deal.
the world comes together, everyones happy,sharing food and cheering for their team.
But when bombs go off in Uganda, 74 are dead in a Ethiopian restaraunt. Atleast 1 american is dead, and the other 73 are all natives.
...R.I.P. those 74. You shouldn't have had to die.

The american? his family is in my county. his brother almost died when his plan crashed on the way to Nate's funeral.

Cause one day, we'll all live in a world were we won't have to see World Trade Centers fall, subways almost blow up, headlines aren't Pakistan death toll in recent bombing rises from 76 to 111. Were a time of coming together as humans all around the world is ended with 74 dead. Were the people I know aren't here one day, fighting in war, to being another number in a bomb death toll the next.
One day, right?

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