Friday, December 3, 2010

Natural Skin


So, not to say anything, but, my skins pretty great!<3 great ="D">

Morning: -Wash face with Water

Night: -Wash face with a Honey,Sugar,Olive Oil mixture
-After hot shower, rub lemon on my face

And I alternate using Lemon as a toner, and a Milk mask every other week or so. Whenever I run out of lemons really ;D

The thing is, if you just use water(this Soompier calls it the caveman regimen.) (I cant cause I still use light makeup daily. The point of it is to not use any makeup, but I don't wanna od that till the summer xD),

-For the first month your skin really clears up of any acne.

-However, for the 2-4 months or so following, depending on amount of chemicals in your skin, the purge really begins. Your skin pushes out all the chemicals and toxins you don't need, restoring your acid barrier and ph levels to its natural state.

-But, after all that and your skin is completly detoxed from deep within, your skin will naturally take care of itself. Sure, you'll get a pimple now and then, but it'll take care of ITSELF within hours! Your skins an organ and it's meant to be abloe to take care of itself and horomones, without the chemicals.

I'll show results when everythings cleared up from Marching Band summer mayhem. I still have a pretty dark tanline xD

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