Friday, April 1, 2011

Girl Code when sharing a room

Last weekend, if you follow my tumblr you'll know, I went to DC on a band tripp =D

Of course though, this means 4 people of the same gender share a hotel room with 2 beds (and if you're a highschool guy, you're too not smart to share a bed 'cause it's "gay", smh ).

This also means you'll be changing in front of each other (different corners of the room, and whether this is acceptable depends on comfortability levels with the other people)

However, there are some rules:


2.) If you're chaperoning, and in a towel - pleasepleaseplease don't invite the student in and tell them to wait a few minutes. please, it's really awkward for the student

3.)Yo stuff don't go anywhere you want it. Claim different corner - and that is your "crap corner"; or atleast warn people in advance.

4.) Yall are a unit. don't wake up 5 minutes before breakfast, go oh snap! and not wake everybody else up. that's just rude

5.)Don't be too high mateniencefor the trip, I'm glad your hair looks nice but you don't need an hour in the bathroom when people need to shower (and it's like 1am) and you don't need to wake people up that have gotton 5 hours of sleep to the sound of your hairspray. please..Sleep isn't thought of in most school trips; it'd be appreciated to be as low key as possible.

6.)Rotate shower turns. Try splitting morning/night showers and orders in which you go. this will induce much less arguing.

7.) On the last day if you see something that isn't yours in the room, but you think itmight be somebody elses- DONT LEAVE IT THERE. Bring it and ask; geesh.

8.) Lastly, what is told in the hotel room stays in the Hotel room. which sounds slightly dirty, but you know what I mean hahaha

You are a family for however long you are rooming together - soo please.!

Idk how many of yall have to share rooms with siblings; but same rules -_-

Haha, if some college kids ever come across this I'm prob. gonna get called that "weirdd highschooler". oh well, no one reads this anywayy

Peace.! Off to Guard nationals.! Hope we make finals!!

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