Friday, April 8, 2011

Ayabie - Garasu saiku no ohanashi English lyrics

I'm not even sure when this is from, but it's about as beautiful as Mefish no uta (lyrics and music.)

Ayabie- Garasi saiku no ohanashi English translation

"We are changing little by little, as the seasons come and go

You act kindly with me as usual but,

It's sad ... It's as if we have pressed the wrong button

Enlarging the distance between the world you live in and mine

You left me behind, and continue to change

And it exhausts me to become this burden

Is there anyone else who is "all for you" ?

I think I remember how you were absorbed in you(?) ...

Since then, we haven't been able to see anymore (?)

There was something I wanted to tell you

But I have lost my voice now

As I draw your silhouette on glass,I miss your face

If I pass the thousand nights, I surely reach you

When I close my eyes, on the back of my eyelids I see you smile

The fragments of glass fall faster, the wind that accelerates

With you, I saw a blue spring

You were my everything in this world, really ...

I wanted to stay at your side forever

Since I met you, my days have become glittering

And I want you to be as scintillating as this glowing glass "

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