Wednesday, April 13, 2011

When life sucks...

As of late, or maybe it's just because of the age I am and the Highschool enviorment, peoples lifes seem to suck..

way. too. often.

So what do you do when you're down in the dumps?

1. Decide.

-Is it really worth getting and staying mad at your friend for spilling lunch on your notes? Yea it's buttfacish to not offer to copy hers for you or find anonther solution, but simply forgive,forget and in some cases say adios.!!=) to that person =D

2.Get mad sad whatever for a good 15 minutes -

Then the trick is to end your pity party and start finding a way to fix it and move on. Granted, some things will obviously need more than 15 minutes (death, breakups) but for day to day basis, being grumpy all the time is no fun >.<

3. Fix problem and or move on.!

-Easier said than done, but generally things can't be changed so relishing in the past will do no good except waste precious life

4.Consider turning into a brighter person in general -

Optimism is a god send in daily life. really

Hope you laugh at the poorly written article. xD A school topic got me intrested so this is a rough draft; will hopefully come in and edit later

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