Sunday, January 9, 2011


^Bahaha the title sounds like the beggining of a motivational passionate novella post.
But nope!

I've started watching WGM the Adam couple (after liking YongSeo and Adam's gonna be over in about a week) and they. are. hilarious!!
They're the comic relief couple xD I couldn't put up with the nagging though - too much like my Dad, sorry Jo Kwon!! Yall cute though[=
It's episode 5 and I already love them haha

Yongseo is the really sweet/cute couple of the show, I'm sure the comic relief/cute/sweet couple theory will be proven for the Adam couple, and I'll have to watch Khuntoria later.

Of course though, when they were making a joke to Jinwoon about studying (I didn't know he was that young! Aww he's so cute!! And not too much older ;D lol just kidding) I forgot that even though I got some state-given tests last week, I have more this week and FINALS! noo!!

My classes aren't hard, but it's just going through my inch-think pile of homeowrk, and my 2-inch pile of notes! Nooo!! I have less than 12 hours! And I have to practice my winterguard show ~
Darn procrastination -.-

And, I've been really into Lee Hong Ki =D Jinwoon's really cute too!!
But Hong Ki's voice is uber amazingg~


And, the lady I've been talking to about starting a tutoring program at her school (she's a friends mom that teaches but said I can go through her) hasn't replied in a week. What do I do? Would reminding her be pushy? what to do what to do

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