Saturday, December 3, 2011

Pretty&Cute and ToFebruary Black Friday haul~

My order came in!! ^^
I ordered: MyBeautyDiary Chocolate Truffle face mask box, Fairy Drops BB Cream, Carry Me Lioele Mascara, and Tony Moly Blackhead Mask

MBD Face Mask(Chocolate Truffle 4.5/5
Pros: Makes my skin smooth, pores are much less noticable for days after, nice smell, very moisturizing, and makes skin tone look nice/glowy.
Cons: Mask size(guess my head is small or something)
Would I buy again?: Possibly. I wanna try different masks but I wouldn't mind coming back to this one

Fair Drops BB Cream 4/5
Texture: Creamy(watch out if you have veryvery dry skin though)
Coverage: Buildable medium. This is probably the best BB Cream for coverage I've tried so far
Pros: Good coverage/color/consistency, comes with sponge, good for pictures(no spf)
Cons: Pricey(full price is around $40), can be a little cakey if skin is not moisturized, small size for price, sponge is hard to clean imo (after first week gave up and use fingers now)
Would I buy again?: If it's on a really good sale maybe, but I'll probably keep trying new ones

Carry Me Lioele Mascara 4/5
Pros:Very pigmented, doesn't droop, coats full lash for length, good travel size
Cons: Flakey after 8 hours (but makes for easy removal)
I wish I bought a full-size Lioele mascara! haha
Would I buy again?: No

Tony Moly Blackhead Mask 3.5/5
The packaging is so cute!! And can't wait to try the little flower thing in the top
Pros: Nice mild exfoliant, good smell, works somewhat
Cons: Isn't a miracle worker for blackheads =\
Would I buy again?: No

I've been really excited to try all of these and it was only around $55 for it all (much cheaper than it normally is, and since I only buy this stuff twice a year, it was a good deal!)

Waiting for my sweater from ToFebruary to come in! Excited for it (it also was like 20% off - otherwise I wouldn't have gotton it. And $1 shipping? Good pricing to me)
Quality - Great, it's really warm!
Sizing - On me (5'4, 130lbs. Size S/sometimes M) - Average. It fits well but isn't a superduper good fit. I could wear it with just tights/leggings if I wanted because it does cover what needs to be, but I'm not comfortable with something that short so I wear jeans or leggings/see-
able shorts.
Cons: I personally really liked the giraffes, but my sister said it looked like the giraffes were doing something inappropriate -_-
Very happy with this order^^

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