Saturday, May 14, 2011

Liar Game Drama (Seasons 1&2 + Movie) ~a little spoilage~

(^^^From the movie, fiaeuhgssrth^-^)
Was. So. Good.!


The main plot of it is Nao Kanzaki(Toda Erika), who is often called "stupidly honest" and never doubts anyone. gets sucked into the "Liar Game" which purpose is to draw out human greed. Of course this calls for lying and being lied to, and once she realizes she can't back out and can't win this on her own, she calls the help of Akiyama Shinichi (Matsuda Shou) to help her get out of the game, once he joins as well they share the goal of eventually taking it out for good.


It had good twists, comdey, implied romance(never a main focus but still there - nicely done.! Although they soooo cute ^-^), and while it's a pscyological thriller, they dumb it down for everyone who doesn't get it.


It took about 2 weeks to get through it all, even though there's only 20 episodes and a movie, because of school. But it's one of those ones you watch where you wanna see it, but it's not so addicting you fail out of your classes in that week (haha if that makes sense)

Good actors, lighting was a bit dark but I'm getting used to this for japanese dramas(most of the ones I've watched have all had darker lighting - like Nobuta wo Produce,etc.), and good plot line. Also offers a nice theory to think about - how far human greed will really go and how to change it.

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