Sunday, May 15, 2011

Insanity Workout Review Week 4

I'm in my fourth week of Insanity, and, it really is insane.!

I've been putting 60-70% of my effort into the routines most days, but I'm still getting results. I'm quite happy with them - I've definitly gained muscle, lost fat. I'm prob 60% to my goal ^-^

And for my diet, I haven't been following his nutrition guide. I've been aiming for 1500 cal a day (meaning I eat 1600-1800 4xdays of the week probably) and eating what I normally do. Note, I don't drink much soda and I have some form of chocolate everyday (Idon't know how or why, I just do) and eat potatoes/white bread, etc.

I still weigh 130, but my body is significantly more toned. Can't wait until I'm actually done with Insanity ^-^ I'll either try hip hop abs or find some yoga program or start getting really into coverin dances.

Shaun T. has really good programs!

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