Sunday, May 29, 2011

Animazement 2011

It was soo much fun, got to get back in touch with my true nerdiness(= haha

Spent a ton of time lurking in the game room 'till a creeper man wnated to play with me O.O I'm sure he's a harmless little old goober, but it's one of those moments where your moms voice echoes in your head warning you about people.

I was Bou (Merrymaking) for half of Saturday - then put on my Hello Kitty hat haha

And today I got a more elaborate hat I would surely mess up if I DIY'd it haha - it's a Digimon!

Didn't get to go to the Rave though everyone said it was a ton of fun, oh well who needs that
Ahh My friend and I did the David Choi awkward dance in a breakdancing circle.

Big Link and Little Link hahaha it was such a cute cosplay idea

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