Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mississippi River flooding and effects of it

Hey yalll, if you don't know, our Mississippi river is flooding. Levee (man made(normally) walls that keep out the river) have been dropped in order to let the river flow into it's flood plains - all over Missouri and the rest of Americas "Bread basket"

So how does this affect us?
-Aside from people losing housing,(btw, I hope everyone is safe and grabbed their needed materials), the farmland has been flooded. If that doesn't raise alarm, then hopefully this will - nearly 50% of our food from there is gone.

We can predict that this will cause an increase in food prices. Espiecially grains, from what I understand.

I've been told to stock up- with scientific proof backing up that much farmland has been lost. So food prices going up is a sensible prediction.

With gas prices sky high as well, I'd reccomend stocking up on your SPAM, canned foods and lucky charms!

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