Thursday, July 21, 2011

Versatile Fashion Basics: Shoes

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This is for all the people that don't like the idea of owning 50 different pairs of shoes. I mean, of course it'd be nice ^^ But, if you don't have the room nor money, these are my personal tips I've picked up through the years (Well...condsidering I'm pretty young that's not saying much..but!).
     The basics: 2 pairs of flip flops, 1(or 2) pair of sneakers, 1 pair of flats and 1 pair of boots. 

   -Flip Flops:
          One pair should be from the dollar-spot at Target, or an Old Navy (around 5-10$) pair for going to the pool, beach, etc.
    The other pair should be more dressy . (The ones pictured dress up any outfit really, and were about $15 Earthspirits from Wal-mart. Earthspirits) I tend to look for simple yet defined ones, with neutral colors so they match most things. Braided material, a flower, multiple straps are things to look out for.

     WHAT TO AVOID: While some people can pull off those metallic sandals well, other people need to be careful when choosing and go with what matches their skin tone. Try on gold/copper/silver versions of shoes and see which matches best, and beware of ones that make your feet look red! 

   - Sneakers:
          You can easily bump this up to 2 if you want an athletic pair and a fashion pair.
     For the athletic pair, every year or two (depending on activity level) you should check out Target. Honestly I go there and get the pretty ones that are on sale. Nike and/or Prospirit has some good woman ones there, and try to get one that's a gray and if you want have pink/purple/blue/etc. accents.White ones can get dirty really fast and black shows mud really easily.
   For fashion ones, there are a few different brands depending on your style:
         Vans are pretty popular among Skaters/Alternative/people looking for some edge. Mine are similiar to the ones in the picture, except they're and have more black.
        Converses will never go out of style, going with the classic black would match everything. Or getting a nice bold color like red or yellow is always nice for a pop of color to an outfit. There are plenty of knockoffs at places like Kmart if you don't wanna pay full price.

   You can't go wrong with a nice neutral cream,gray,or black pair of flats as they'd match most things and can look classier with skirts, etc.
       WHAT TO AVOID: -Cheaply made ones. -Light-colored fabric ones(as they'll dirty very fast).

   While the Ugg style is still in and garnering many knockoffs, there are other options haha. Military boots are great for people who want to add edge to their look, Uggs are great for students/young people because they keep you warm when walking around campus and look good with hoodies, and knee-high ones are (generally)worn by fashion-forward people.

High heels are totally up to you~

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