Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hana Yori Dango 1,2,Special,Final (Spoilage!)

I was weary to watch it at first cause if you've ever heard of dramas before, there's no doubt you've heard of it. I was way to quick to judge though, it's amazingg!! The Special wasn't loading so I watched the Movie first, even though it's supposed to be 1,2,Special,Movie.

Category: Comedical Romance. Romance being the noun and comical being an adjective.

It has good acting, romance, some comedy, eye candy, good plot and something captivating about it. However, it's unrealistic in some aspects and slow at times. Both work with the drama, as it's based off the drama and can add suspense, overall very well done!

Time: Less than a week. It's addicting!!

Not at the "You're Beautiful" level, but very close to.

MAIN plot of Seasons:

Makino, a poor "commoner", and Domyouji, heir to one of biggest corporation in Japan and leader of F4, fall in love and go through MANY, living-up-to-the-drama-categorization moments that test this true bond.


Wow. I'm really gonna miss this series, they all grew up. It's like a girls dream at the end. After hardships, they truly do love each other and have a happy ever after. HOWEVER, not with the "stereotypical" man. He just had to mature =P Ahhhh it was so sweetttt<3 It's not about being perfect, it was about true love and accepting each other<3


It's really just a nice recap of the seasons, and the last 10/15 minutes is Domyouji performing with Arashi and the "F4" and Makino joining them on stage and reflecting on the premeire of the movie, which was the day after the Special. It's a great idea cause now after 6 months or whenever you wanna rewatch the series, if you don't have time to you can watch this and the movie and really feel it all over again, Of course it's not EVERYTHING, but it's a nice recap^-^ I've also fallen in love with Matsumoto Jun lol, and Arashi. I had liked them before, but now he might be challenging Taecyeon(2pm), Jang Geun Suk, and Matsudo Shota =P

It's not overrated like I had thought, it has a lot of my favorite actors (Matsudo Shota - Soujiroh of F4. Toda Erika made an appearence. Oguri Shun - Rui of F4 and the guy left out of main girls love triangle. Matsumoto Jun(Arashi) - Domyouji, leader of F4 and guy who ends up marrying main girl) and introduced me to very good new ones (Inoue Mao - Makino, main character) and the person who played Yuki. For some reason, I couldn't get myself to like the actor who played Akira.

I'd reccomend this ^-^ Be warned, there are times when you'll want to throw away your moniter because Makino or Domyouji don't communicate haha. Or if you become a RuixMakino fan, then that'd stink too. Lol really, just go watch it

Watch it!! It's so sweet, and the actors do a great job of "growing up".

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