Saturday, September 10, 2011

Getting rid of stomach fat

I dunno about you guys, but my body seems to store fat around the stomach area -.-But I feel that once I did these 3 things, it really made a difference!!

1. Replacing sandwhich bread with lettuce
      Sound a little weird? But it works! I love sandwhichs and white bread - I could eat it plain! But once I started to get rid of it and wrap up cheese and chicken in lettuce vs. making a sandwhich, it still tasted yummy and takes off almost a 100/200 calories!

2. Drinking only water
     Depending on whether you're dieting intensly or changing an overall lifestyle (in which you can have a soda/alcholic beverage/juice/etc. every now and then imo), drinking only water really helps too.

3. Eating less processed foods.
    I tend to go with the "Simple and time-consuming" rule. Use as little as possible and take more than 5 minutes to make it (if it needs cooking.) This includes no sauces(unless needed), salt, etc.

And uh, while I try to aim for 1500 cal a day, esp. when I have practice it can go from 1300-2300 depending on afterschool food. I try to keep my meals balanced, but once a month I have an unintentional junk day

Life's about being the HEALTHY YOU, not SKINNY! Once I learned this it made me feel a whole ton better!! I saw this one girl who didn't look bad and was at what I wanted to be and she lost even MORE weight and weighs like 105! You could see her bones - now THAT is an indicator if I ever saw one that you can eat more. Not unhealthily. But more. If you're naturally a twig that won't happen.

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