Sunday, February 20, 2011


About 2 minutes ago I finished the book "By the time you read this, I'll be dead" by Julie Anne Peters.

I can't figure out the end, but the book starts with Daelyn, who's curently mute after her most recent suicide attempt has about 30 days till she'll be "succesful". And the book ends in a dual meaning. D= It's really sad

Why would she want to kill herself?


She's always been the fat weird kid.

She knows there's people there, but you can't trust them.

They always wll try the same thing.

You're different, meaning you've given them permission to do anything to you.

They're above you.

And this book brought back memories from Elementary school and part of middle school. Yea, I was that fat weird kid haha

It's kinda scary because when she's describing some of the sadness of being betrayed and lost, I can remember those feelings.

The thing is, only YOU can save yourself when you're at your lowest.

I'm glad I did though. It takes work though.

I'm only in highschool so lord knows all those social things, but I've found friends.

Not call-at-4-am-omg-he-just-dumped-me friends, but good friends that are fun to hang around with.

Which is all you can ask for for now.

I workout, I'm pretty (whetherr you think I am or not),

I try to be kind because everyone deserves someone to be there for them.

Trust no one love everyone

is my current motto.

Of course, there's exceptions =P But main gist for the general crowd.

Love everyone. Be grateful for everything. You are blessed(= I love life =D DONT. LET. BULLYING. GET. YOU. THEY. SHOULD. NEVER.CONTROL.YOU. Peace.!

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