Friday, August 19, 2011

Scott Lang: Professional mirror holder upper

Yesterday, as part of band council, we went to a leadership workshop by Scott Lang.

This man's an inspirational genius..but a major nut!

However you can learn a lot from this man, as he's good at what he does. He had me almost crying(he lost his twin brother to cancer, and since I'm a twin I can only imagine what that was like) then laughing the next minute. The guy's hilarious, but when he's serious is when you learned the most.
Here's what I get from my notes from his lecture yesterday:

~Three life principles only taught in band (by public school systems):
      1. The more you give the more you get; the more you GET the more you have to GIVE.

      2. Life is a WIN-WIN or a LOSE-LOSE. NOT a Win-Lose. If the best helped the worst, where would we be?

     3.Never give up. Not till it's okay. Not 'till it's good. Not 'till it's great. Until it's perfect. Then do it perfect again and again.

~ If you CAN, you MUST

~Never leave a trombone sectional unsupervised

~Go ALL the way. Put 100% effort into EVERYthing

~Don't judge/choose what's right or wrong for others. Do that for yourself. Make the best decision YOU can in that very moment.

~Our mind works in multiples of 3's,4's, and 7's. Ever wonder why your cell phone number is 000-0000? 3+4=7

~It's not WHAT you do, but HOW (Kinda like "It's not what you say but how you say it", etc.)

~It's how you start it. You can judge a 7 min show/performance on the first 7 seconds.

~The only one who can change you, is you

~In every group/room/class, there will be a person who does not want to be there. They're not bad people, just in the wrong place at the wrong time. As a leader, it's YOUR job to fix it.

~Marching Band student leaders aren't picked because they've shown leadership. They're picked because they knew how to follow directions faster and better. It's your job then, being totally unprepared as a leader, to get others to do the same - to be a follower as well as you are. To do so, you have to go that extra bit to maybe whisper "Don't move at set!" to the guy next to you, etc.

~Marching Band, in essence, is the dumbest thing anyone coulda invented. But it's the life skills you learn from it that make it valuable.

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