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Personal Taste review

MBC's Personal Taste


Kae In lives in a famous historic home built by her architect father. Jin Ho is an architect who needs to scout out the house for a potential business deal. After being dumped by her long-time boyfriend, Kae In wants to befriend a gay man who can become her roommate and help her out with living expenses. When Kae In mistakes Jin Ho as being gay at their first meeting, he goes along with the ruse to gain access to her house. But when he starts falling for her, things get a little complicated.
(^credits to Viki, it has a much better description than what I could come up with ^^; )


-Lee Min Ho as Jeon Jin Ho : An architect who moves into Song Go Jae under the pretense of being gay. Practically everyone falls for him because of his good looks and personality(it being LMH, you can't really blame them). As for his mother I'll leave it at she's a cliche drama momma. He loves his mother and is a good guy with a bit too much pride. He and CR's father had beef but they are friends/rivals.
- Son Ye Jin as Park Kae In : The naively trusting, honest, daughter of a famed architect who is herself a furniture maker. Not without her own lovable quirks and kindness, she's the cliche transformee of the drama. Staying true to herself is what makes the drama.

-Kim Ji Suk as Chang Ryul : Rival architect, he and JH's father's had beef. Orginally dated Kae In before trying to marry her bff/roommate of 10 years. He really matures/grows throughout - he can def. grow on you at the end.

- Wang Ji-Hye as In Hee : PLAYER HATA of the series. She's gorgeous and plays the royal idget of the series. It is pretty sad though when you look at it and realize she feels like she gets nothing, but really I'm glad it ends the way it does for her. Kae In's room mate for 10 years who married CR after a month of dating.

Sides : 

Tae Hoon/ 2AM's Seulong! (guess who sang the OST ^^)
 Director Choi - gay director of the TAM Art Center Project who acts as a fatherly cupid almost in this drama - love his part poor guy, 
Hye Mi - JH's supposed fiancee, 
(Jo Eun-ji) Lee Young-sun - anyone would be lucky to have her as a friend/Kae In's married best friend
Sang Joon - JH's assistant/friend. This guy could host his own comedy show - does some stupid things but in the end it looks like things work out

Overall: 9.5/10

It felt very real, despite there being an age difference in the actors. Happy ending(In a nice romantic comedy that's all you could ask for). HILARIOUS. Never dragged for me. The gay twists of the series give it a flare that I haven't seen in other dramas. Ridiculously cute - they add a lot more of the romance aspects than other dramas. Lots of cameos, too! Would've added pictures of full cast but I can't find any ><

Definitely should watch!! Tbh I started watching it b/c of LMH and Seulong, but thoroughly enjoyed the series after. In the end it's all about the romance hehe and if it's available in your region, viki's comments can be a bit harsh (which is when I turn them off) but really make everything more entertaining.

*It's been a while since I'd finished a series - I watched most of Dr.Jin but didn't watch the last few episodes, Watched a third of Coffee Prince but think I'll pick it back up.

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