Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Kdrama: Big review

Hola! I was waiting for Dr.Jin (funnily, I set it aside to finish Big^^) and since Suzy was in this decided to give it a go!

Big : Fantasy Romance


KKJ and YJ get into an accident and KKJ ends up in YJ's body while YJ ends up in a coma in KKJ's body. Is KKJ supposed to marry his teacher now, but as a 30 yr old doctor?! What will Da Ran do?! What was YJ going to tell her before the accident? What was he really feeling about her before it?


-Seo Yoon Jae/ YJ (Gong Yoo, he really grew on me. Not LMH stat, but the most of anyone in the drama.) : An early thirties pediatrician about to marry DR, whom he met at a friends wedding; long story short she fell down a flight of stairs and she was his patient. Se Young, doctor friend, is his ex and moms preferred girl. Very calm, peaceful, kind. I don't think I was the only one who appreciated the shirtless morgue scene.

-Gil Da Ran / DR : Mid twenties teacher about to marry YJ. Clumsy and childish (much like her mom). Just not..the brightest crayon in the box. Un-confident /very shy. Likeable though! Goofy family (Her dad was her moms teacher/ do student-teacher relationships run in the family?), her brother Choong Shik is probably the most lovable character in the show for me. She could make rags look pretty.

-Kang Kyung Joon / KKJ : 18 yr old student. Meets DR on a bus and falls for her. Has very large inheritance from his mom, who died in America. Came to Korea to live with his greedy/not-so-morally-right Aunt and Uncle. His maturity really grows through the drama! But he has his teenage boy moments. Lucky actor basically was paid to sleep on a hospital bed for 10+ episodes.

-Ma Ri (Suzy!!) : 18 yr old student. Knows KKJ very well, best friends. She's convinced they're soul mates but he doesn't think so. (Stalker!!) Very comical, but not very dynamic - stays true to her ways and doesn't really learn. Pretty selfish but I'm sure she believes it's best for KKJ and her.

Overall: 6.5/10

Dragged a lot last 6 episodes and the ending left a lot to the imagination (not a big fan of. I like to be Ma Ri stalk stat when it comes to how the characters lives finish! haha). Also, there was the chemistry but the Hong sisters had way too much push/pull for me. Good drama but not great. A 10 ep. drama put into 16, and not very dynamic. Sweet moments and funny crazy-omma moments in here though(= Lots of other drama references too!

Stay safe in the Phillipines! And have fun watching the rest of the Olympics =D Way to go Phelps and Gabby Douglas!!

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