Monday, July 16, 2012

Microwave brownie

For those nights you just need your chocolate and alas, have no chocolate chips - this is PERFECT!! (I say this as I'm eating one rn)

What you need:
- 2 tblsp flour
- 1 tblsp Sugar, Cocoa powder, Vegetable oil (would not reccomend switching with applesauce - turns into a gummy mess because there's no egg), Water
-Dash of salt
-Pecan bits/choco chips/sprinkles/etc. (whatever you like in your brownies!) (opt.)
-Spoonful of ice cream (opt.)

Mix everything into the mug and microwave for 40 seconds or so and enjoy!!

I really wanted something chocolate (for over an hour!) so I caved and made this, yumm

It has roughly 300 calories with no nuts/sprinkles/ice cream but is def. big enough to satisfy cravings. I've tried making it healthier but this has the best consistency opposed to applesauce and olive oil! Maybe it''s time to crack out the Canola oil! haha

Have a good day!

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