Sunday, June 3, 2012

Healthy homemade chicken and spinach hot pocket

Why hadn't I thought of this before today, it's so yummy!!

What you need:
-Lavash Bread ( or a tortilla )
-Chicken (already cooked)
-Mushroom (Opt. replace with peppers, etc.)

1. Spread a handful of spinach evenly over half a lavash bread wrap (evenly covering whole bottom)
2. Take sliced/cubed mushroom and chicken and spread it around evenly
3. Layer the cheese on on top!
4. Toaster oven on medium for 4 minutes
5. Roll and enjoy =D

Reminded me exactly of a hot pocket - but better because there's no added preservatives/salt/sugar! /this could also be a quesadilla, but it reminded me of a hot pocket so, healthy hot pocket is it's name

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