Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Hahaha have actually been using twitter lately!

When my dad, brother, sister and I went shopping we stopped by a XX21. My sister wanted a dress so my dad offered to buy me one too! =D I accidently grabbed the wrong size so when we got home, I put it aside so my mom and I could return it later.


My sister ended up washing it. It's her size so I guess it's hers now. Even if I wanted to, my body frame doesn't fit the dress really - I'd have to go anorexic to fit it/some unhealthy body fat percentage for my age.

Sure I could lose about 5 lbs. But where would the fun that comes with cooking and making food go? I already don't eat much processed food anymore, and drink only water and tea!

It's still a pretty dress though!

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